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Selling Generations 1-7 Shiny Living Dex + Event Pokemon 920+ mons 10 USD


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Hello everyone, for sale my store is offering a massive transfer service for Pokemon Home for all Pokemon Generations 1-7 for your very own shiny living Dex and more! Please note, this does not include the Generation 8 Sword and Shield Pokedex. Over 900+ Pokemon will be transferred with a total of up to 32 boxes :)

All Pokemon will follow a level 5 and 100 format for first and final evolutions, and almost all Pokemon are 6IV and EV trained outside of certain event Pokemon which are untouched.

What is included:
-Complete Pokemon Pokedex from Generation 1-7 6 IV and shiny forms including Event legendaries and Ultra beasts until the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games.
- Tons of event Pokemon including:
- Space Center Houston 10th Anniversary Event DEOXYS lvl 75
-Toys R US Giveaway Mystery Mew level 10
-Jirachi lvl 5 from Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disk
-Mighty Mewtwo, Gamestop Keldeo, Team Plazma Genesect, Spring 2013 Meloetta, Plazma Deoxys
-Event Shiny lvl 100 Dialga, Palkia, & Giratina
-World Champion pokemon such as Smeargle, Crobat, and Metagross (2013)
-Oblivia Deoxys, Heatra, and Shaymin from the Pokemon Ranger Games
-Michina Arceus, Ash's Pikachu ( Event cap)
-Pikachu Coloured Pichu from Gamestop ( 2010)


Please ensure you contact me after purchase in order to set up a suitable time to trade. Total Transfer should take less than 5 minutes. Please go onto Pokémon Home and provide me with a code to trade 3DS Pokémon to the Home up and once the code is sent to me I will input the code and send all 957+ Pokémon. All trades must be done within 3 minutes of generating the code or it must be done again.

You will need Nintendo Online for this purchase. You will also need a Pokemon Home PREMIUM plan.

This will require you to have 32 boxes empty in your Pokemon Home app on Nintendo Switch

You will need to message me your POKEMON HOME 3DS Transfer Code as soon as it appears on screen, as there will be a 3 minute timer for the transfer to complete.
Price will be 10 USD :) You can reach me on my discord @Zennarde#8865 or on my eBay page as well @ Noisetechgames :)

Check out my other thread and listings for even more pokemon services! :)
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What a great guy

very nice seller and very accommodating.
He has schedule issues but please be patient as he works at a very demanding workplace. He also needs time to rest.
Would buy from him again 10/10

keep up the great work my guy!