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gamepromatt10 possible scammer.

Jjivetalking - BANNED

BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
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Multiple Accounts
gamepromatt10: hi
gamepromatt10: hey
gamepromatt10: ut?
gamepromatt10: u play WoW?
aimfortheheadFTW: yes
gamepromatt10: u play WoW?
aimfortheheadFTW: yes.....
gamepromatt10: Wanna go on each others accounst for likr 10 minutes
gamepromatt10: for fun
aimfortheheadFTW: what do u have?
gamepromatt10: 4 60s...
gamepromatt10: u?
aimfortheheadFTW: 2 60's
gamepromatt10: wanna switch for 10 minutes or so...
aimfortheheadFTW: a no
gamepromatt10: a no?
gamepromatt10: a?
gamepromatt10: huh?
aimfortheheadFTW: give me account info then
gamepromatt10: at same time?
aimfortheheadFTW: u go first
gamepromatt10: y
gamepromatt10: ok
gamepromatt10: account name poeroe
gamepromatt10: urs
gamepromatt10: ?
aimfortheheadFTW: travisrox21
gamepromatt10: password
gamepromatt10: is
gamepromatt10: poeroe529
gamepromatt10: urs?
gamepromatt10: Tll me
gamepromatt10: NOW

gamepromatt10: wtf
gamepromatt10: gimme it
gamepromatt10: u scammer
aimfortheheadFTW: lol dude ur pathetic
gamepromatt10: what
gamepromatt10: i ive in uerope
gamepromatt10: bye
gamepromatt10: so would u liek to or not?
aimfortheheadFTW: no, cause ur pathetic