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SOLD G3 Arena - Quad SSS Tier Light and Dark

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Global G3 Arena G1 RTA Quad LD SSS Tiers Yeonhong | 30 * TOA Hell | Tons Transmogs

I have played on this account for years and am just tired of the game.
If your looking for an Extraordanary deal this is it.

Quad SSS Tier - Light and Dark: Isis, Raul, Lydia, Yeonhong
Ton of Nat 5's just take a look at the images
6k Crystals, 100 plus million Mana
All sorts of Scrolls and Summoning Stones not to mention a ton of leveling up Rainbow mons. 20 Devilmons in storage

In order to see monsters in game contact me below.

Contact me on Discord: Wolfmanw#3162
Epic Middleman used Only. Buyer Pays MM Fee (Do not use any other MM)
Or you can go first - No Exceptions
No Scammers don't bother.
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