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Funny scammer


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Ashjander: interested in a warrior with 24 epics, and a warlock, with 14 epics, same account different server, for your rogue?
eddiezlotnikov: what server is the warrior?
Ashjander: Malorne PvP
eddiezlotnikov: do you have profile of gear?
Ashjander: Nope, I can show it ingame
Ashjander: I expect the same for the rogue tho :p
eddiezlotnikov: ya
eddiezlotnikov: what weap does warrior have?
Ashjander: untamed blade, the unstoppable force, lobotomizer, viskag the bloodletter, immovable object
eddiezlotnikov: is there que on ur server right know?
eddiezlotnikov: just come on stormreaver since im already on
eddiezlotnikov: allaince
eddiezlotnikov: k?
Ashjander: ok
Ashjander: dwarf?
eddiezlotnikov: um
Ashjander: make a dwarf?
eddiezlotnikov: make human
eddiezlotnikov: so u can take deeptram
eddiezlotnikov: in sw
Ashjander: ........
eddiezlotnikov: my charcters name is nilladin
Ashjander: just come to the starting place
Ashjander: for dwarf
eddiezlotnikov: ok
Ashjander: give info at same time or what?
Ashjander: what's your name btw?
eddiezlotnikov: eddie lol
Ashjander: ok lol
eddiezlotnikov: how about this u wanna just give info without secret word? so we can test it out and decdie on monday ?
Ashjander: yeah sure
eddiezlotnikov: ok my id is-nilladin
Ashjander: ok mines tday1
eddiezlotnikov: pw-cvr8c7zcnc6
Ashjander: ok mines aptiva99
Ashjander: doesnt work
Ashjander: oops gave you wrong acct
eddiezlotnikov: cvr8c7zcnc6
eddiezlotnikov: ??
Ashjander: well, the pass wont work
eddiezlotnikov: dude im serious man thats the pw
eddiezlotnikov: cvr8c7zcnc6
eddiezlotnikov: whats ur info man?
eddiezlotnikov: dude wtf
eddiezlotnikov: im about to change my info
Ashjander: I know I said i gave you the wrong one
Ashjander: By accident
eddiezlotnikov: can u give me the write one?
Ashjander: Yes, however the password you gave me doesn't work, Nilladin is account name?
eddiezlotnikov: ya
eddiezlotnikov: OH
eddiezlotnikov: wait my bad
eddiezlotnikov: lol
eddiezlotnikov: nx9yt6m6jygm
eddiezlotnikov: sorry about thats a old one
Ashjander: jesus
Ashjander: lol
eddiezlotnikov: dude how about ur info???
Ashjander: nigbo//mikmike1
eddiezlotnikov: thats wrong
Ashjander: Im going to add a 2 month gc
Ashjander: Let me login
eddiezlotnikov: dude im change my pw
Ashjander: I just verified it
Ashjander: Why?
eddiezlotnikov: cause u wont give me right info
Ashjander: I just verified it, logged in and everything
eddiezlotnikov: well how about giveing me ur right info?
Ashjander: kk ill recall the pass and give you a new one
eddiezlotnikov: k
Ashjander: Ok I got it, what's your email Ill forward t
eddiezlotnikov: just post it in aim
Ashjander: aim doesn't let me copy and paste [censored]
eddiezlotnikov: dude sorry im recalling my accoutn *** this
Ashjander: ok I found your email
Ashjander: Calm down
Ashjander: God
Ashjander: I got it
Ashjander: haha
Ashjander: have fun with no rogue
eddiezlotnikov: ?
Ashjander: Deleted him
eddiezlotnikov: so ill get him back lol
Ashjander: Not his gear
Ashjander: :p
eddiezlotnikov: wow how lame
eddiezlotnikov: this happened to me ill get it back lol. ur so lame LMAO
Ashjander: LMAO
eddiezlotnikov: y do this?
eddiezlotnikov: this make u feel better about ur self?
Ashjander: Yep
eddiezlotnikov: lol well nice try man
Ashjander: LoL
eddiezlotnikov: lol i cant beilve how lame u are man
eddiezlotnikov: u seriously got no life
Ashjander: I know
Ashjander: Isn't it sad?
eddiezlotnikov: pretty much
Ashjander: I love deleting people's characters and then when they get the character restored, they can't get their items back
Ashjander: haha
eddiezlotnikov: well it happened to me beofre
Ashjander: :)
eddiezlotnikov: im not worried
eddiezlotnikov: so its cool
Ashjander: Ok cool
eddiezlotnikov: lol taking with gm said all items will get back LOL
eddiezlotnikov: lol nice try man
Ashjander: haha
eddiezlotnikov: but seriously get a life lol
Ashjander: No they won't
Ashjander: And plus
Ashjander: Doesn't take that quick to get a hold of one
Ashjander: you're full of it
Ashjander: Haha
eddiezlotnikov: ok man w/e u say
Ashjander: Take a screenshot for me
eddiezlotnikov: ok sure what time will u be on tomorrow?
Ashjander: Well you'll be blocked before then
eddiezlotnikov: ok man
eddiezlotnikov: but dont think ill let u go so easliy
eddiezlotnikov: i got some stuff planned for u
Ashjander: lawl
Ashjander signed off at 11:23:31 PM

Gosh what a loser has no life lol. Ill get my charcter already talked to gm.


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Sigh - I hate when people have to be idiots



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Ever wonder what happened to that kid nobody wanted on their team in gym class?


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Hey Ashjander.... If i dont get my warr back you can count on losing the hunter. Up to you though, if you choose to keep the warr on Malorne im taking my hunter back, SIMPLE AS THAT!!!


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Same person stole my mage. Gave me the same account and password he gave you. I dont know how to get my guy back though since password retrieval won't work. Kind of sucks since he was my only guy.


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He did some fishy crap with me aswell heres the convo

Ashjander (9:04:20 AM): Hey, I have a warlock with 6 Felheart, 2 Nemesis (Skullcap, Bracers), Robe of Volatile Power, Azuresong Mageblade, etc, and a warrior, with 24 epics, Epic AB shoulders, the untamed blade, 6 Might, 2 Wrath, and some others, for your rogue, if your interested, same acct
smokenandchokin (9:05:10 AM): hmm not a bad offer..
smokenandchokin (9:06:09 AM): these are both on the same account?
Ashjander (9:06:28 AM): yep
smokenandchokin (9:07:24 AM): what races
Ashjander (9:07:29 AM): warlock - gnome
Ashjander (9:07:34 AM): warrior - human female
smokenandchokin (9:07:57 AM): Servers?
smokenandchokin (9:07:59 AM): im on boulderfist
Ashjander (9:08:10 AM): Lock, laughing skull
Ashjander (9:08:13 AM): Warrior Malorne
smokenandchokin (9:09:18 AM): would you be up for showing me either of them.
Ashjander (9:09:35 AM): Sure
Ashjander (9:09:38 AM): Which do you want to see?
smokenandchokin (9:09:47 AM): id prefer the warrior
Ashjander (9:10:13 AM): ok
Ashjander (9:10:46 AM): Make a dwarf on malorne
smokenandchokin (9:11:39 AM): alright
smokenandchokin (9:11:45 AM): name will be ryumz
Ashjander (9:13:49 AM): auto decline on
smokenandchokin (9:19:52 AM): whats ur name?
Ashjander (9:20:01 AM): ashjander
smokenandchokin (10:14:16 AM): hey man i would love to trade with you, just worried about the previous owners and such
Ashjander (10:14:40 AM): noone except the owner
Ashjander (10:14:48 AM): bleh
Ashjander (10:14:49 AM): nvm
Ashjander (10:14:58 AM): yeah it's cool
smokenandchokin (10:15:36 AM): i would be up for trading still up to you
Ashjander (10:16:16 AM): ok
Ashjander (10:16:39 AM): just exchange info?
smokenandchokin (10:17:25 AM): who wants to go first
smokenandchokin (10:17:36 AM): I have to remove the credit card
Ashjander (10:17:41 AM): ok
smokenandchokin (10:18:23 AM): you willing to go first?
Ashjander (10:18:39 AM): Ill give my account name, you give yours, Ill give my password, you give yours
Ashjander (10:18:40 AM): cool?
smokenandchokin (10:18:46 AM): alright.
Ashjander (10:18:51 AM): tday1
smokenandchokin (10:19:01 AM): denjah***
Ashjander (10:19:24 AM): ok, and my pass is aptiva99, yours?
smokenandchokin (10:19:40 AM): mind if i try it?
Ashjander (10:20:07 AM): I just changed it :p
Ashjander (10:20:19 AM): But yeah I dont feel safe doing that
Ashjander (10:20:20 AM): ;/
smokenandchokin (10:20:52 AM): saints**** is mine
Ashjander (10:21:04 AM): is what?
smokenandchokin (10:21:09 AM): password
Ashjander (10:21:21 AM): oh
Ashjander (10:21:22 AM): ok
Ashjander (10:21:33 AM): my new pass is cookies42
smokenandchokin (10:21:35 AM): yours.?
smokenandchokin (10:22:08 AM): alright /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
smokenandchokin (10:22:41 AM): wait wtf..
smokenandchokin (10:22:44 AM): its frozen....?
Ashjander (10:22:53 AM): yeah I got to give you my gc code
Ashjander (10:23:00 AM): I just cancelled subscription
smokenandchokin (10:23:08 AM): damn man..
smokenandchokin (10:23:32 AM): what is the code?
Ashjander (10:23:44 AM): i bought it online, checking email
Ashjander (10:24:29 AM): ok
Ashjander (10:24:31 AM): found it
Ashjander (10:24:33 AM): whats your email
Ashjander (10:24:36 AM): Ill forward it to you
smokenandchokin (10:24:41 AM): [email protected]
smokenandchokin (10:24:44 AM): cant u just copy paste?
Ashjander (10:24:44 AM): lol
smokenandchokin (10:25:05 AM): i hooked you up with 3 months on my rogue..
Ashjander (10:26:24 AM): that email doesnt work
smokenandchokin (10:26:46 AM): [email protected]
smokenandchokin (10:26:49 AM): copy paste it man
smokenandchokin (10:27:07 AM): or copy paste the email into the chatbox
smokenandchokin (10:28:05 AM): you there...?
Ashjander (10:29:03 AM): Thank you for purchasing a World of Warcraft two month game card!

Your Game Card code is:


Note: By sending this email, we, the seller, hereby have no control over false gamecard codes. Thanks, Management.
smokenandchokin (10:30:45 AM): thats pretty screwed up man
smokenandchokin (10:30:50 AM): a fake game card..
Ashjander (10:31:13 AM): what do you mean fake?
smokenandchokin (10:31:20 AM): it dosent [censored] work
Ashjander (10:31:22 AM): I bought it for $39.99 USD
smokenandchokin (10:31:33 AM): so why would you remove it...
Ashjander (10:31:47 AM): Remove what?
Ashjander (10:31:57 AM): I had my CC up
Ashjander (10:33:20 AM): Im on the phone with them
smokenandchokin (10:34:32 AM): buncha bullshit...
Ashjander (10:34:37 AM): You just want your rogue back and Ill deal with this tomorrow?
smokenandchokin (10:35:12 AM): i just took my rogue back
smokenandchokin (10:35:34 AM): your new password is spencole666
Ashjander (10:36:00 AM): ok
smokenandchokin (10:36:26 AM): that [censored] def wasnt cool lol
Ashjander (10:39:39 AM): what [censored]?