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Funny scam attempt lol


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Yeah this guy was a little too obvious, and really stupid
skidro151 (5:48:26 PM): hi
skidro151 (5:48:44 PM): you trading a wow shammy right ?
AMac1076 (5:49:13 PM): yeah
skidro151 (5:49:31 PM): i have a mage on a pve server its lvl 60 but not AWESOME gear you know..
AMac1076 (5:49:48 PM): meh gears not a priority for me really
skidro151 (5:50:01 PM): i have a lvl 60 hunter no gear rofl
AMac1076 (5:50:07 PM): lol
AMac1076 (5:50:15 PM): hjas to have some on
AMac1076 (5:50:16 PM): lol
skidro151 (5:50:28 PM): ive never traded before i dono wat to say rofl
skidro151 (5:50:38 PM): i dono how this works
AMac1076 (5:50:58 PM): heh
AMac1076 (5:51:20 PM): what race is the mage?
skidro151 (5:51:22 PM): im willing to trade my account but i dono how is the safe wat
skidro151 (5:51:30 PM): allience humna
skidro151 (5:51:32 PM): human*
AMac1076 (5:51:35 PM): ahh awsome
AMac1076 (5:51:41 PM): umm... well we could do an accnt trial
AMac1076 (5:51:48 PM): u have secret question/answer?AMac1076 (5:51:50 PM): right?
skidro151 (5:52:01 PM): i dident think i needed it can i check it somehow?
AMac1076 (5:52:08 PM): yeah
skidro151 (5:52:08 PM): i clicked rand stuff rofl
AMac1076 (5:52:18 PM): ..
skidro151 (5:52:22 PM): sec
skidro151 (5:52:31 PM): im going to account management and seeing it
skidro151 (5:53:48 PM): i cant find where it would be..
AMac1076 (5:54:17 PM): 1 sec
AMac1076 (5:54:47 PM): http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/loginsupp...C9155C06B.app01
skidro151 (5:55:29 PM): the question is mothers maden name
skidro151 (5:56:26 PM): im sry..
AMac1076 (5:57:40 PM): u dont know your mothers maiden name?
skidro151 (5:58:51 PM): it asks for phone number and email but i think my dad put it as his work email so it will be sent there and i wont be able to get by monday prolly