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Funkyshaman123 + MarkeeDealer (AIMs) = Scammers


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So, I traded my mage roughly almost 2 weeks ago, for this guys Druid. He said he couldn't register on MD forums to post in my thread, or wouldn't give me his # to contact (Yeah, I know.. I'm too much of a trustworthy person :/)

Told me he didn't know SQ/A, or CD Key for the account, that a friend from school gave it to him, and he leveled it.

I wish I could find the AIM convo from then..

Anyways, about 3 days pass, everything seems fine. Around the 4th or 5th day, magically the Druid PW is changed. I try and find him on AIM, hes not on. Tried for a day or 2, never shows. I recall the mage. Nothing gone, or missing.. didn't hear a thing from him until about 5 mins ago, I get this convo over AIM:

MarkeeDealer: Hey man
MarkeeDealer: I forgot the password for the Mage..
MarkeeDealer: What is it again?
eXcite9988: Nice try.
MarkeeDealer: What?
MarkeeDealer: It's me FunkyShaman
MarkeeDealer: lol
MarkeeDealer: I just got a new AIM cuz I thought you blocked me on Funkyshaman
MarkeeDealer: you havnt been on in ages.
MarkeeDealer: :S
MarkeeDealer: helo?
MarkeeDealer: Lol.. I've been waiting for you to come on for ages.
MarkeeDealer: I can prove that I'm funkyshaman
MarkeeDealer: I traded you "thebigk" on Jubei'Thos
MarkeeDealer: 60 Moonkin Druid
MarkeeDealer: For excite
MarkeeDealer: 60 Troll Mage on Archimonde
MarkeeDealer: I forgot the password you gave me after you recalled... -.-;;
eXcite9988: Aye.. well, that druid was recalled or somthing.
MarkeeDealer: Lol, [censored] [censored]..
MarkeeDealer: Mate.
MarkeeDealer: Don't try that [censored].
MarkeeDealer: Give my acc back now or I will get your accounts banned :0
eXcite9988: Dude, you think you're going to [censored] me over and trick me into giving you the mage account, when you recalled the druid?
MarkeeDealer: IM [censored] BEING SERIOUS
MarkeeDealer: OMFG
eXcite9988: Funny how one day you're on all the time, account gets recalled, and suddenly you're never on AIM.
MarkeeDealer: Lol...
MarkeeDealer: I've been on AIM forever.. waiting for you to come on.
MarkeeDealer: You moron
MarkeeDealer: YOu recalled
eXcite9988: No you havn't.
MarkeeDealer: Told me you recalled by accident
MarkeeDealer: Then you havn't been on for ages.
MarkeeDealer: And you just came on today
MarkeeDealer: [censored] idiot
MarkeeDealer: Why would I IM you now then?
MarkeeDealer: Idiot
MarkeeDealer: w/e
MarkeeDealer: i'll just get ur acc banned
MarkeeDealer: i have both acc names
MarkeeDealer: thats all i need
eXcite9988: Good luck.
MarkeeDealer: hf
MarkeeDealer: scammer
eXcite9988: Haha, you're pretty funny. Since theres already posts about you on MD.
MarkeeDealer: Yeah
MarkeeDealer: [censored] my **** scammer
MarkeeDealer: [censored] niggetr [censored] nerd
MarkeeDealer: Scamming [censored]
MarkeeDealer: Get a life
MarkeeDealer: Fraek
eXcite9988: Sure thing.
Previous message was not received by MarkeeDealer because of error: User MarkeeDealer is not available.

Druid account name is "thebigk" - The druid's name itself is TheBigK - On jubei'thos US Oceanic (Sry if I misspelled the realm name).

Watch out for this guy.

EDIT: Found the saved file hiding in my My Pictures folder from the first convo :/

FunkyShaman123: hey
eXcite9988: Hi
FunkyShaman123: you interested in a 60 Druid? With FULL Epics.
FunkyShaman123: WSG exalted
FunkyShaman123: Rank10 set
FunkyShaman123: Moonkin specwith full epics
FunkyShaman123: ZHC
FunkyShaman123: Jin'Do's Judgement
eXcite9988: Hmm, link to profile?
FunkyShaman123: no profile
FunkyShaman123: but i can show ingame
eXcite9988: What server?
FunkyShaman123: Jubei'Thos
FunkyShaman123: Oceanic US
eXcite9988: Sure, I'd like to see it. Druid sounds tempting
eXcite9988: alli or horde?
FunkyShaman123: ALli
FunkyShaman123: Alli*
eXcite9988: Sweet
FunkyShaman123: Make a Dwarf.
FunkyShaman123: And Invite Thebigk
eXcite9988: Alright
FunkyShaman123: yo
FunkyShaman123: can i check ur mage out now?
eXcite9988: Yeah, 1 sec though. I was downloading all the test realm stuff.
eXcite9988: Lemme stop all of it
FunkyShaman123: ok
eXcite9988: Okay, Archimonde - make an undead.
FunkyShaman123: k
FunkyShaman123: Whats ur chars name
eXcite9988: Fendal
eXcite9988: Has a 60 warrior on the account aswell, on Terenas server
FunkyShaman123: You interested in a trade?
eXcite9988: dwarf, basically stripped
FunkyShaman123: heh
eXcite9988: Yeah, could you post in my thread first though? Just to know who I'm dealing with from there.
FunkyShaman123: Oh, I don't have an account on Markee.
FunkyShaman123: I just browse.
eXcite9988: Alright
eXcite9988: How much time does the druid have on it?
FunkyShaman123: I'll check.
FunkyShaman123: 1 sec
eXcite9988: okay
FunkyShaman123: August 23, 2006 4:04 AM PDT
eXcite9988: Ouch. Okay.. Anyone you could possibly register and post in the thread?
FunkyShaman123: I registered 3 Times and I didnt even get 1 email
eXcite9988: Alrighty. You got SQ/A and possibly CD Key I assume?
FunkyShaman123: No, but I leveled the account 1-60
FunkyShaman123: I got the acc blank.
FunkyShaman123: From a kid at school
FunkyShaman123: He's only like year 9..
eXcite9988: K, you mind trading information over the phone?
FunkyShaman123: I dont mind at all if you dont mind paying for the fees.
eXcite9988: Yeah, thats fine
FunkyShaman123: Hmm, can we exchange info here? I can go first.
FunkyShaman123: As long as you provide your phone number.
FunkyShaman123: Dad doesn't want me giving our phone number away..-.-
eXcite9988: Yeah, 1 sec
eXcite9988: xxxxxxxxx
Wes is name
FunkyShaman123: Ok.
FunkyShaman123: I'll ring you if anything goes bad.
eXcite9988: Alright, 1 second before we trade info.
FunkyShaman123: ?
FunkyShaman123: :S
eXcite9988: Trying to figure out somthing :-\ I'd hate to give you all the information on the account at once (SQ/A and all), then when I sub the druid account in like 3 days it gets recalled.

Don't think I'm accusing you of scamming or anything, you just have to see it through my eyes. No MD account, don't have the account information.

Been warned before not to deal with anyone that won't speak over the phone.. BUT, you seem nice enough.
FunkyShaman123: /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
eXcite9988: Anyways, how about this.. I'll give you SQ/A, but not e-mail info or CD Key now. If you ever need it to be reset, just get with me on AIM, or you have my #.
FunkyShaman123: I would speak over the phone if Dad wasn't at home.. -.-;;
FunkyShaman123: Ah, kk.
FunkyShaman123: Sweet.
FunkyShaman123: Shall we get started?
eXcite9988: Okay, lemme change my pw x.x
FunkyShaman123: kk
FunkyShaman123: Ready when you are.
eXcite9988: Okay. Also, I've never changed any of the original contact information. Though I do have the e-mail account registered with the game account. I just left it all the same. Original owner's aim is the same as the account name.
eXcite9988: Okay, ready
FunkyShaman123: Account name: Thebigk
FunkyShaman123: Yours?
eXcite9988: Username: xxxxx

FunkyShaman123: Password: xxxxxx
FunkyShaman123: xxxxx
eXcite9988: xxxxxxx
FunkyShaman123: Sweet.
FunkyShaman123: All working?
eXcite9988: Yup
FunkyShaman123: Good.
eXcite9988: sq/a xxxxxxxx
eXcite9988: You can check it by going to Parental Controls
FunkyShaman123: Ok.
FunkyShaman123: Cool. if you need anything, IM me on aim.
FunkyShaman123: I'm usually on.
eXcite9988: Alright, same here
FunkyShaman123: Lol..
FunkyShaman123: Just got kicked out of the guild :S
eXcite9988: lol, was on vent with them
eXcite9988: :-\
FunkyShaman123: Ah, k
eXcite9988: oh, if you need gold, there is some on the 21 warrior, aswell as a lot of twink gear
FunkyShaman123: k
FunkyShaman123: Is he transferable?
eXcite9988: Nope :-\
FunkyShaman123: Ah, k.
FunkyShaman123: No prob.
eXcite9988: Just xferred there from Deathwing
FunkyShaman123: Thats fine.
FunkyShaman123: Anyways
FunkyShaman123: I gotta go out.
FunkyShaman123: Talk to you later.
eXcite9988: Alrighty, have fun

Edited for a 3rd time to edit my phone # I left in there..