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Selling fresh japan accounts, only did one sugofest and free 50 gems quest. DM me if you are interested on discord (skylarc#7250) or PM me here.

Account 1: Big Mom/Prometheus, Judge, Sulong Carrot, INT Katakuri, Luffy/Law, Dex Rayleigh, Fujitora V1, Luffy/Zoro, PSY Aokiji, 2x Blackbeard V2, Sanji V1, and Dex Sabo. $5.
Account 1.jpg

Account 2: Judge/Sanji, Bartolomeo/Cavenish, Luffy/Law, Neko/Inu, Shanks pirate, Big Mom, Str Sabo, Str Akainu, 2x Jack, Brook, Dex Sabo, Zephyr, Qck Aokiji, Boa V2, Judge, and PSY Sabo. $5.

Account 2.jpg

Account 3: 2x Bartolomeo, Stampede Luffy, Neko, Sanji mask, Sabo/Koala, 2x Nami/Robin, Shanks Crews, Snakeman Luffy V1, Dex Jinbe, Kaido, 2x Shiki, Nico Robin, Mansherry/Shira, and 2x Blackbeard V2. $5.
Account 3.jpg

Account 4: 2x Brook, stampede Luffy, Bullet, Neko/Inu, Shiki, Boa V2, Halloween Ace, Law V1, Dex Sabo, Dex Jinbe, Sanji V1, QCK Aokiji, PSY Sabo, and Hody Jones. $1.
Account 5.jpg

Account 5: Sabo/Koala, 2x Mansherry/Shirahoshi, Luffy/Zoro, Big Mom, Jack, Magellan, Dex Rayleigh, Whitebeard V2, Qck Akoiji, Stampede Luffy, Sanji V1, PSY Katakuri, and 3x INT Shanks. $3.
Account 6.jpg

Account 6: Big Mom/Prometheus, Vivi/Rebecca, Whitebeard/Marco, Sabo/Koala, Nami/Robin, Sabo V1, Str Sabo, 2x Bullet, Franky, Enel, Shiki, and Shirahoshi. $2.
Account 7.jpg

Account 7: Neko/Inu, Luffy/Zoro, Nami/Robin, Mihawk/Perona, Str Luffy, Bullet, Magellen, Kaido, Lucci V1, Lucci 2, Sulong Carrot, Shirahoshi, Boa V2, Kizaru, Zoro V1, and Sanji V2. $5.

Account 8.jpg

Account 8: Judge/Sanji, Vivi/Rebecca, 2x Nami/Robin, Sabo V1, Nami V1, Mihawk V2, Qck Luffy, Chopper, PSY Aokiji, Zoro V1, Halloween Ace, and INT Katakuri. $5
Account 9.jpg

Account 9: Str Luffy, Whitebeard V1, Jack, Brook, 2x Magellen, Lucci V1, Enel, Shiki, PSY Rayleigh, Sengoku, Judge, PSY Katakuri, Zoro V1, Mihawk V1, Halloween Ace, INT Shanks, and Fujitora V1. $1.

Account 10.jpg

Account 10: Judge/Sanji, 2x Luffy/Law, Neko/Inu, Arlong pirates, Anniversary Snakeman Luffy, Str Sabo, Big Mom, Jack, Brook, Nami V1, Kaido, Whitebeard V2, Shiki, 2x PSY Katakuri, and INT Buggy. $5. Sold.

Account 10.jpg

Account 11: PSY Aokiji, Kizaru, Judge/Sanji, Nami/Robin, Sabo V1, Str Sabo, Jack, Dex Jinbe, Whitebeard V2, Judge, PSY Katakuri, Mihawk V1, and Capone Bege. $2.

Account 11.jpg
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