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Freewill - Scammer


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I saw this thread he made looking for a warlock. Freewill's paladin thread . This part of the conversation was a few minutes after I let him log on the account to verify the gear.

Joemflsxe: Cool, I see it
Joemflsxe: and as long as the gear is right, sounds good
Joemflsxe: did you want my pally?
Joemflsxe: because all i want is the warlock, after i xfer it off you can have your account back
Joemflsxe: or if you just wanted to sell me just the lock that would work
MCwarcraft: Did you say he had a herald of woe and 7-8 t2?
Joemflsxe: yup
Joemflsxe: with a ton of other misc stuff
Joemflsxe: hes also in a amazing guild
Joemflsxe: and i never talked on vent
Joemflsxe: so you could slide right in
MCwarcraft: whats the name?
Joemflsxe: o and its the special edition one, so you get the cool mini diablo
Joemflsxe: pallys name/
Joemflsxe: /
Joemflsxe: ?*
MCwarcraft: yeah
Joemflsxe: Cromuc
MCwarcraft: and you have the sq/a?
Joemflsxe: no, i used too but then i got a new computer and lost the notepad doc. i got the account from a rl friend about 8 months ago, so i am the second owner, never have to worry about it being recalled or anything
Joemflsxe: if I could get back in contact with my friend i could possibly get it again, but I'd have to dig up his number and see if he even remember playing hah
Joemflsxe: You there?
MCwarcraft: Had a phone call
MCwarcraft: Im definately interested in that paladin though
Joemflsxe: oh, ok
Joemflsxe: ya hes fun
Joemflsxe: guild hes in is super cool too
Joemflsxe: they pvp a ton aswell
MCwarcraft: what piece of judgement is he missing?
Joemflsxe: the chest, but he is close to getting it right now
Joemflsxe: think hes like 2nd or 3rd in line for it, DKP wise
MCwarcraft: whats he wearing for a chestpiece now?
Joemflsxe: Lawbringer
MCwarcraft: ah ok
Joemflsxe: rest is judgement
Joemflsxe: he also has tha alustrome hammer thing, and a epic shield
Joemflsxe: hes insane at healing in raids
Joemflsxe: and he is exaulter with AV, if that means anything hah
Joemflsxe: bank is full of misc epics/blues
Joemflsxe: So, what do you want to do?
MCwarcraft: I don't know much about the transferring of the warlock, but I'm willing to trade him for your paladin account.
Joemflsxe: what do you mean, like you dont know how transfering works? or if you would want me to?
MCwarcraft: I've followed through the transferring process on the site for realm to realm transfer, but I don't know how to transfer a character to another account..I read alittle about it, still confused
Joemflsxe: o, i know how
Joemflsxe: i would just need your secreet quiestion, i would do the rest
Joemflsxe: its fairly easy
Joemflsxe: then you would still have your acccount, with your warrior
MCwarcraft: Ok, did you still want to wait until later on tonite to check them out?
Joemflsxe: nah, i can just reactivate if you want to do this now
MCwarcraft: Works for me. I dont have wow installed here at work, but I'll get a friend to log onto the paladin account for me after I get the info.
Joemflsxe: ok
Joemflsxe: so we have a deal?
MCwarcraft: Paladin account for warlock transfer to your account, and I keep my warrior?
Joemflsxe: Yup
MCwarcraft: Yeah, ok
MCwarcraft: What did you need from me?
MCwarcraft: Info wise
Joemflsxe: just your secret question
Joemflsxe: and answer
MCwarcraft: Secret Question
MCwarcraft: Secret Answer
Joemflsxe: Ok
Joemflsxe: my account
Joemflsxe: RIv1982 // jm119229
MCwarcraft: what realm is he on?
Joemflsxe: Warsong
Joemflsxe: says thats not the correct answer for the secret question
MCwarcraft: its either "sa" or "sa"
Joemflsxe: nah, neither of those work
Joemflsxe: ?
MCwarcraft: The only way i know to check it is to do a password recovery..ok if I do that?
Joemflsxe: sure
MCwarcraft: k
MCwarcraft: "secret answer" worked.. have to log into email to get the new pw..one sec
Joemflsxe: oh ok it did
MCwarcraft: did it ask you for an email?
Joemflsxe: was reading it wrong
MCwarcraft: ok
Joemflsxe: nah i got it
Joemflsxe: cool
Joemflsxe: had my worried hah
Joemflsxe: Done
MCwarcraft: transferred and all?
Joemflsxe: Yup
MCwarcraft: cool
Joemflsxe: i'll give you a postive feedback on the markee forums in a bit
MCwarcraft: And I'll do the same after I check out the pally. Have you gotten a chance to look at the warlock in game?
Joemflsxe: ya looking now
MCwarcraft: up to spec?
Joemflsxe: yup
Joemflsxe: redoing interface now

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Joemflsxe: Hey you there?
MCwarcraft: hey man
Auto response from Joemflsxe: Lift!...Lift my mind my body and my soul.

Joemflsxe: Whats going on?
MCwarcraft: been trying to get ahold of you, I just got wow at my house, the password is changed
MCwarcraft: for the paladin
Joemflsxe: Hmmmm
Joemflsxe: I didn't change it, did you ever change it from the one I gave you?
MCwarcraft: yes I did, I wrote that pass down on my email notepad and logged into the site a few times to make sure it worked.. it hasnt worked for the past week though
Joemflsxe: Thats weird, cause the only person who could really change it is my friend, the original owner, and he has not played in so long, and doesnt care about the game...
Joemflsxe: sure you're using the right account name? Riv1982
MCwarcraft: Yea, I copied our aim convo and pasted that info into the wow site.. pass is different now
Joemflsxe: Well, there is 2 things I can do. I can contact my friend, and see if he remembers the SQA, or if he has the CD Key. Or if that is not possible, I could just pay you for the 'lock
MCwarcraft: Either would be ok, but I would kind of like to play that paladin. If your friend still has acess to the email address its registered under, he can recover the password and give that to me.
Joemflsxe: Will do, I have to go to work soon, so I will get ahold of him tonight. I'm really sorry about all this, really have no idea how this happend
MCwarcraft: Cool, thanks.
Joemflsxe: No problem, will talk to you later, have to get ready.

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006 : 1:38pm

Joemflsxe: Hey, you there?
MCwarcraft: hey
Auto response from Joemflsxe: Lift!...Lift my mind my body and my soul.

Joemflsxe: I meant to e-mail you last night, but it got late and I forgot...
Joemflsxe: But anyways, I got ahold of my friend, he couldn't even remember the account name, or the secret question he used
MCwarcraft: It shows you the question, but he'd need to remember the answer, phone number and email.. it was hard for me to remember that stuff too
Joemflsxe: Do you know what the question is?
MCwarcraft: I took a screen shot of the info on the account was; email, home address and phone number
MCwarcraft: question was mothers maiden name
Joemflsxe: Ok, can you e-mail me the pic, and I will tell him it was his mothers maiden name and see what it is
MCwarcraft: Sure, whats your email?
Joemflsxe: [email protected]
Joemflsxe: if this doesnt work out tho, we have to figure something out because I spent a chunk of money reactivating your account (3 months) and transfering mine + the NEW account I had to buy and activate to put it on
Joemflsxe: So I really do not want to lose this 'lock
MCwarcraft: I hear you on that. If I dont get that paladin though,I would be out alot as well
Joemflsxe: Ya, sucks this had to get messed up...If we cant get the pally password back I'll just have to pay you for the warlock or something
MCwarcraft: If your friend can remember the answer and check the email.. we'll be good. I dont know how it would have changed, the only thing that came to mind is your friend, but that isnt what it looks like now
MCwarcraft: Im on dialup here at work, so its taking a minute to load up everything
Joemflsxe: Ya, he wouldn't have chnaged it. He almost lost his fiancee, and has a "real" job now hah, he pretty much despises the game
MCwarcraft: You guys from australia?
Joemflsxe: he does, i did last year when i was in collage
Joemflsxe: I meant I lived in Austrailia last year, im not from there
MCwarcraft: Ok, email sent. I put the info I had, and the info it shows you need on the WoW password recovery screen. I don't think you can change the question/answer, phone number and email address, so it should be exactly what he needs.
Joemflsxe: ok cool, I'll forward it to him and hopefully get this squared away
MCwarcraft: Thanks, hope to hear some good news soon.
Joemflsxe: Me too, talk to you later

The guy used to be on aim 24/7, usually away. He hasnt been online since the last conversation. I have since filed a compromised account claim with blizzard, so hopefully theyll get the warlock returned. At the very least, I hope they freeze the account the warlock is on.