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FLOPPY is a scammer (Aim: Tehfloop and Addictivepenguin)


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He just tried to scam my GW account, luckliy enough i reset PW/Info before he had a chance to change it all. This is the AIM Name he used: Forgot to save log from his "tehfloop" aim but all he said was he had too many IM's and needed to switch S/N's.

Addictivepenguin: alright found this one on my comp somewhere lol
Hates Beckon: lmao
Hates Beckon: all the characters have really nice stuff in stash aswell
Addictivepenguin: nice nicee.... you got any rep on markee? i got a positive or two
Hates Beckon: no pos's yet, i did just trade my d2 accounts for JediMind's Paladin account tho, and traded my paladin/warrior account awhile back for my current main.
Addictivepenguin: well i dunno if your tellin the truth so >< you think you could go first with giving the account info? ill list all the gear and details right now
Addictivepenguin: a 60 undead male shadow priest with 5/8 t1 bracers, shoulders, pants, chest and boots, benediction/anathema with 22 int enchants and i have mar'li's touch and fireproof cloak attuned too all on it ive got a 7k mana pool with a epic mount on a PVP server
Hates Beckon: hm, well like you said cant really re-call GW account, maybe i can just log in on WoW website and check and make sure characters are there or somethin? i mean or we could get a middle man or sumthin
Hates Beckon: we can also talk over the phone if you'd like :)
Addictivepenguin: ehh well ive had many bad expereicnes with middle mans and ehh i just dont want too but i could show u em ingame and [censored]
Hates Beckon: tell ya what, let me change my pw on my GW account real fast, and let me see your priest in game... then i'll go first
Addictivepenguin: alrighty
Hates Beckon: i'm not a very-trusting guy :p but you seem nice enough lol :) brb
Addictivepenguin: i mean i could probly buy one for 20$ so your getting a dekced out priest for 204 :/
Addictivepenguin: i know neither am I thats why i usually ask who IMS me to go first
Hates Beckon: yea it's coo, man i know how it is getting scammed... i was young when i frist started playing MMO's D2/EQ were my first... i got scammed so much it aint funny
Addictivepenguin: same :p got scammed out of soooo many D2 accounts and [censored] sucked assss
Hates Beckon: haha yea
Hates Beckon: kk lemme log on wow, what server?
Addictivepenguin: bloodscalp lemme log on aswell
Hates Beckon: gah so many windows up lol
Addictivepenguin: same lol
Hates Beckon: should i make orc, or ud?
Addictivepenguin: orcy
Hates Beckon: name is itsmepenguin kinda laggy so many window, running GW+Wow lol
Addictivepenguin: lol k
Addictivepenguin: hey dude i think ima just take this other offer
Addictivepenguin: sorry
Hates Beckon: im givin ya the p/w now bro :-(
Addictivepenguin: sorry :/
Hates Beckon: u can log on check it out before u give me yurs
Hates Beckon: if u'd like
Addictivepenguin: ehh well i dunno i have 2 offers and he wants me to log on his too lol
Hates Beckon: lol
Hates Beckon: darn i really want a priest :-( lol i've always hated the way GW sets your password lol
Addictivepenguin: lol
Addictivepenguin: well sorry
Hates Beckon: *Sigh* all righty thx anyway
Addictivepenguin: if this offer doesnt work out the ill contact u or somethin
Hates Beckon: all right
Addictivepenguin: he logged off T.T
Addictivepenguin: well i guess if i could try em out first and see if hes worth it
Hates Beckon: all right
Hates Beckon: its ************************
Hates Beckon: p/word is ********
Addictivepenguin: alrighty
Addictivepenguin: k gonna log on now
Hates Beckon: kk
Hates Beckon: wow im an idiot lol
Hates Beckon: i was trying to change p/w wrong way :-
Hates Beckon: :-\*
Addictivepenguin: lol alright gonna keel [censored] now
Hates Beckon: lol k can i get priest info?
Hates Beckon: ? :p
Addictivepenguin: yea in a sec still seeing what the skills do lol
Hates Beckon: lol k
Hates Beckon: always keep balthezar's spirit up, gives u 15% more damage with the wep my 20 has
Addictivepenguin: k coo
Hates Beckon: don't mean to rush ya bro but i gtg pretty soon.
Addictivepenguin: alright give me 1 more second trying to open the WOW site
Addictivepenguin: alright the account name is
Addictivepenguin signed off at 4:30:45 PM.