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Fishy guy AIM:fred88311


BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
fred88311: hey
fred88311: u havea cd-key or game card?
WoWGlider14: Hey
WoWGlider14: My last gamecard was scammed
fred88311: none left?
WoWGlider14: Nope.
WoWGlider14: I have a cd key though.
fred88311: un-used?
fred88311: i have a good offer if so
WoWGlider14: Yes
fred88311: i can pay by paypal or i can give a wow account
WoWGlider14: How much paypal.
fred88311: 60$
WoWGlider14: And Whats on the WoW account.
fred88311: 60 druid/pally/lock
WoWGlider14: What servers?
WoWGlider14: And Do you have SQ/SA and CD key.
fred88311: pally archimonde/lock balnazzard/druid shadow moon
fred88311: and yes i have SQ&A
fred88311: and yes i have cd-key
fred88311: intrested?
WoWGlider14: Not sure about the account.
WoWGlider14: Does it have time on it?
fred88311: yup
fred88311: all accounts have 1 month left or more
fred88311: but i would like to pay u by par pal tho
WoWGlider14: Sure Ill take the 60 dollars paypal then.
WoWGlider14: Let me go get the key.
fred88311: ok,sure
WoWGlider14: [email protected] Is my paypal address.
WoWGlider14: Are you US Verified?
fred88311: yes
WoWGlider14: Ok.
fred88311: what now?
WoWGlider14: Did you send it?
fred88311: money?
fred88311: u there?
WoWGlider14: Yes
WoWGlider14: Yeah the money.
fred88311: well dude idk..i dont even know if the cd-keys working
WoWGlider14: I just opened the box lol.
WoWGlider14: I can try to take a screenshot or something.
fred88311: yeah thats ez to say :p
fred88311: what we can do is
WoWGlider14: You can always recall the money through paypal.
fred88311: u give me cd-key now and i send u the money after? bcuz anyways i cant use the cd-key yet i dont have a game card and a credi card so i cant put my payement methode yet
fred88311: nah i wont do that
WoWGlider14: You can recall money. I cant recall the cd key.
fred88311: oh
WoWGlider14: Yeah...
fred88311: yeah but i wont do that if the cd-keys working
WoWGlider14: I have 4 cd keys that are working.
fred88311: sounds kinda fishy :/
WoWGlider14: Ive sold lots of things to people.
fred88311: i c
WoWGlider14: I have 7 AIM windows open right now
WoWGlider14: All asking me for things.
fred88311: oh
fred88311: but then how we do that?
fred88311: i just wanna try the cd-key on wow.com like i tyr to make a new account snd stuff
WoWGlider14: You can once you pay me the money.
WoWGlider14: And Ill still be online. Until you get it to work.
fred88311: yeah but sry i dont wanna send the money first man :/
WoWGlider14: What site are you from?
fred88311: Markeedragon.
WoWGlider14: What is your name there?
fred88311: i dont have a name i only read forums
fred88311: i dont post there
fred88311: but i already traded many WoW account w/o any problems
WoWGlider14: So why dont you wanna send the money first?
fred88311: bcuz idk if the cd-keys working
fred88311: y u dont wanna give key first?
WoWGlider14: Cause I can't recall it.
WoWGlider14: And you are not a registered user on Markee.
fred88311: i understand what ur saying but i wont scam u or w/e i just wanna make a new account
fred88311: i know i told u
WoWGlider14: Thats what they all say.
fred88311: i know
WoWGlider14: If you wanna make a new account send me 60 dollars. And Ill make sure it works.
fred88311: sry i wont give money first
WoWGlider14: If it doesn't work you can recall your money or I can give you a new one.
fred88311: i dont even know how to recall the money
WoWGlider14: Well I guess Ill see you later scammer.
fred88311: lmao sure
fred88311: peace
WoWGlider14: Well you want me to go first with something I can't get back.
fred88311: yeah but dude am not a scammer
WoWGlider14: And I have more rep than you. And your not even a registered user.
fred88311: i know its only words but w/e
WoWGlider14: Then Just send me 60 dollars for paypal.
WoWGlider14: And you will have your own account on WoW.
fred88311: not yet i need a game card to creat the account
WoWGlider14: Then buy the CD key and test it and then when you get a gamecard you can make it.
fred88311: shh
WoWGlider14: ?