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Firecore - Wouldn't trade


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The following is an account of what happened. I have had 4 good trades before the feedback option was added to this forum. I now have a negative feedback because of what he has done. I will admit this is partially my fault for not ensuring it was a secure trade, I guess I'm a little too trusting of people. I have learned my lesson now, and I hope that he feels real good about the situation.

The following is what happened, and I would HIGHLY advise that you do not trade/buy/sell with this person.

Traded for a 60 World of Warcraft Warrior. Unfortunatley, I didn't have the SQ/SA for the account, I offered to put up 3 months on the account plus a few extra dollars on the side. After this, the trade went well for one day. I went to log on today and the password was incorrect.

I contacted him on AIM, and he informed me that he had recalled the account and I can have mine back. I leveled the SWG character from 84 to 87 and unlocked Trials of Obi-Wan expansion.

So basically just got screwed on this one, partially my fault, but I wouldn't personally suggest trading with him unless there is absolutley no way he can recall the account.