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Buying Ffxiv us accounts == good prices paid for your account == us owned & operated


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Ffxiv us accounts == good prices paid for your account == us owned & operated

Accountwarehouse.com - Buy and Sell Your FFXIV Accounts Safe and Fast

Buy/Sell Your FFXIV US Accounts!

Why should you bring your business to Accountwarehouse.com?
We have been in the MMO market for almost 8 years now and are still one of the most reputable companies around. We have 100% feedback on both the auction site and forums here along with flawless feedback on Customerlobby.

We offer you the good prices, friendly customer service, and the good experience when it comes to buying and selling FFXIV accounts. We also offer payment plans on every account on the site in order to better serve you.

What do you require in order for me to sell my account?
First off in order to sell an account to us you MUST be the original owner. We do not make any exceptions at all regardless of your rep or who you bought it from. Second, you must also have a valid ID scan and a PayPal account. We do all this in order to ensure that we only sell the safest accounts.

How do I sell my account?
Due to the overwhelming amount of accounts offered to us daily, we are not able to offer quotes on AIM or live chat on the website. Instead, you must fill out our sell form and wait for a reply via email. Quotes are normally handled very quickly but please do allow some extra time during nights and weekends.

What kind of warranty do you offer on your accounts?
Accountwarehouse offers a lifetime guarantee on every account sold on our website.

Do you have any sort of payment plans?
Accountwarehouse now offers flexible payment plans on every account we sell. We will work with you in order to find a payment that is right for you. You will be able to log in and play from day 1 and will receive full account information once your payments are completed.

What payment methods do you accept?
Here at Accountwarehouse we accept PayPal, credit / debit cards, and most cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum.
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I'm selling my account. It's a EU 1.0 legacy account with the collector editions for ARR and Heavensward. It includes the rarest mount. Since the 1.0 Gobbue uses a different skin. You won't ever be able to get it in game again.
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Selling a great starting account
Account has many rare pets
level 60 SMN ilvl 189
level 60 Sch ilvl 126
level 52 Ninja has complete set of ilvl 235 Silver Wolf Gear!
Estinien Wind up Pet, Edda Wind up pet and many more!
Comes with 1,893,000 Gil in hand.
Coerthas Western, Dravanian Forelands,Churning Mist and Azys Lla Attunements completed!
Storyline current is of "Dreams Of The Lost"
Firm 45$ priced to sell fast!​



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A rip off. You offered me 30$ for an account worth at least 1000 on the low end. I have multiple ultimate clears and all level 70s and you guys are selling a single level 70 character for 300 on your site lol


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Reason - scammer fernancas87
Hello I have an account, FF xiv full edition, unused with 30 days free of access I bought it about 1 month ago but I could not play or download for work if you are interested let me know I left at $35
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I have an old account I want to sell I have not touched it for two years, last I bought was Stormblood. If you are interested please let me know
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I remember when they banned me from buying because I emailed for support regarding a purchase being cancelled by my bank.
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