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FFXI ccount for sale. Levithan server Nin75/war63- Mithra


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Selling an account from Levithan server. Starting price will be $300 accepting only paypal payments. My account is verified and will provide World pass if you're interested in checking the chracter out.

Details of the account:

Race: Mithra
Jobs: Nin75/War63
Server: Levithan
All AF collected both on War and Nin
Gil: 1.3mil off hand
Estimated worth of equipment gear: 14mil + with Thief's knife = 64mil worth value.
Good Ex/rare items: O-hat, BOunding boots, Empress Hairpin, and many more.
Rarest item: Thief's knife. Was just obtained this week and finally got drop. Goes for 50mil+ and you can sell that kind of gil for $300 alone.


Contact me at [email protected] for questions or offers.