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FFXI Account: Mithra=75 Ninja,75 Ranger,74 Palidian For WoW Acc.


Account Disabled
Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
Mithra=75 Ninja,75 Ranger,74 Paladin,63 Bard,41 Samurai,21 Summoner.... etc etc
Summoner Has all Summoner
Storage:Total Value Worth ETA=67.500.000.
Mog Locker: Total Value Worth ETA=20.300.000
Storage 2: Total Value Worth ETA=40.000.000
All gate Crystals
All Airship Pass
Sky access
Zilart Mish =all Done
CoP Mish= 75%
Tresures Mish= 0%
Chocobo Liscence

NPC Done
Ninja Well Geared
Ranger Uberly Geared
Palaidin Well Geared
has all gear need for every other job for decent lvls Job
3 mil Gil

have all Account Info Needed for trade =) so ill be waiting

[email protected]
[email protected]
Xfire=128 Sniper

Looking for a Horde WoW Account if you can
Warlock/Shaman/Druid Are the class are the ones am looking for please send me msg if u can Iam on almost 24/7 so feel free to offer

Final Fantasy Account =This account has 6 month time active on it

1 month active is all i reqermant for the wow account willing to see account if there 60 MIn in Level weither it has a lot of epics r not WoW Accounts US only
Am open for offer Just offer away

Gl, and i am will to look at all good and serious offers