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Anyone else get idiots like this?

wowfanatic1337 (11:34:25 PM): WYG u got 4 tr4de
vodka l0ver (11:34:58 PM): 60 rogue and a 60 priest same account
wowfanatic1337 (11:35:08 PM): gear/
vodka l0ver (11:35:15 PM): maily blues
vodka l0ver (11:35:36 PM): Mainly*
vodka l0ver (11:35:39 PM): Who are you?
wowfanatic1337 (11:35:47 PM): ???
vodka l0ver (11:36:16 PM): WHO ARE YOU?
wowfanatic1337 (11:36:21 PM): me
vodka l0ver (11:36:34 PM): yes you.
wowfanatic1337 (11:36:40 PM): lol
vodka l0ver (11:36:52 PM): FFS i dont want to [censored] around what do you want?
wowfanatic1337 (11:37:16 PM): i...was just wondering what you were trading sheesh
vodka l0ver (11:37:52 PM): Yeah well you dont have to be a smart ass, now who are you?
vodka l0ver (11:38:03 PM): And what you have to offer?
wowfanatic1337 signed off at 11:38:13 PM.