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False negative feedback left by granite armory

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Hi granite armory has left me false negative feedback. I’m not even sure he meant to leave me feedback because I don’t even understand his post. But since we have 1 resolved transaction I will lay out exactly what happened.

A couple months ago I bought 1K wow classic gold at a price too good to be true. But at this price I bit and sent him money awaiting the gold to be revived in the mail. After a couple days a I questioned the seller where is the gold? He responds by telling me his account was banned and he will not give me a refund. He also sends me a screenshot of the “banned” message but it is from a EU server and I play on a US server. At this point I realize that he is obviously trying to scam me.

I ask for a refund and he says no. So I posted on this form describing his behavior and attempted scam and left him negative feedback. He immediately responds to me within mintuntes of me posting and leaving him negative feedback. Now he wants to give me a refund. He does indeed send me a refund, so I am happy and make a post here to reverse my negative feedback because this issue was resolved.

I am simply a buyer I expect to revive a service that I pay for. Now months later granite armory decides to leave me negative feedback and leaves a cryptic message that I can’t even understand ? Im not sure he even meant to leave it for me. Our issue has been resolved right here on this forum. So any negative feedback he has for me is false.

I can provide any screenshots necessary.
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I'm sorry but Mezzcal told he wanted to delete false feedback or change to possitive.
Feedback has been made by me accidentally too.

My quite option about this case is to close it and delete our feedbacks as well as Mezzcal and GRANITE-ARMORY (neutral left) (...)

Dariusz G-A
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