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*Fake EternaLDarkness *Watch OUT* AIM:EternaLDark1952:

TradeMe105 MD-banned

BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
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EternaLDark1952: Hello Sir.
DeadlySolution14: Helo
EternaLDark1952: you still have your CD-key?
DeadlySolution14: yes'em
EternaLDark1952: well
EternaLDark1952: i will purchase it.
DeadlySolution14: I see
DeadlySolution14: and your payment method
EternaLDark1952: paypal?
DeadlySolution14: Do you ahve vent?
DeadlySolution14: and a mic?
DeadlySolution14: so we can talk
EternaLDark1952: Yes, but can u include a Gamecard? ill throw in 30more dollars.
DeadlySolution14: I don't have a gamecard =| but i no a place that sells them
EternaLDark1952: Can u get me one please?
DeadlySolution14: I can give you the link the the place that sells them
DeadlySolution14: Would that be ok?
EternaLDark1952: well
EternaLDark1952: i would like one to come with the cd-key
DeadlySolution14: =|
DeadlySolution14: I'm not sure i can do taht seeing I don't have a CC atm -.-
DeadlySolution14: Woudl you still like to buy the CD-key?
EternaLDark1952: Yeah i think so.
DeadlySolution14: Well do you have vent?
DeadlySolution14: and a mic?
EternaLDark1952: yes i do
DeadlySolution14: would u mind connecting to my old vent for a minute so we can talk?
EternaLDark1952: hold on a min
DeadlySolution14: kk
DeadlySolution14: when ur ready message me
EternaLDark1952: ok go
DeadlySolution14: Smash.typefrag.com 15728
DeadlySolution14: look for GNome
DeadlySolution14: pass is "xoin" to the channel
EternaLDark1952: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/129581/an/0/page/0#129581
EternaLDark1952: made new AIM
EternaLDark1952: i need to update that with my posts
EternaLDark1952: ?
DeadlySolution14: u left ven
DeadlySolution14: tlol
DeadlySolution14: sry
EternaLDark1952: i know i said hey BrB
DeadlySolution14: brb 1 second
EternaLDark1952: k
EternaLDark1952: waitin lol
DeadlySolution14: sry
DeadlySolution14: Back
DeadlySolution14: heh
DeadlySolution14: Was kinda flying a stealth bomber
DeadlySolution14: says ur AIM is mad khao disease
DeadlySolution14: Can u kindly message me on that AIM
DeadlySolution14: for verification
EternaLDark1952: its shut down
EternaLDark1952: thats why i made a new one
EternaLDark1952: there is nothing to worry about
DeadlySolution14: what's shut down?
EternaLDark1952: my AIM
EternaLDark1952: i forgot PW
EternaLDark1952: and [censored]
DeadlySolution14: But ur logged on right now
EternaLDark1952: no no no
DeadlySolution14: sry ur a scammer and a horrible liar
He Sign's Off -.- Loser!