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Hello and welcome to EzPk Boosting!
I am a Multi-season player who has been challenger each one and has peaked Rank 1.
To meet fast speeds and quality you are guaranteed a minimum of 10 games played a day.
We provide DuoQ and encourage it for only 10% more to players below gold 1.
We can also do a special boost of your MMR to challenger / as desired.
Payments: Only Accept Paypal and BTC.
Skype- EzPkServices
Discord- EzPkServices#9968

Iron 4: 7$ (SoloQ) 10$ (DuoQ)
Iron 3: 7$ (SoloQ) 10$ (DuoQ)
Iron 2: 7$ (SoloQ) 10$ (DuoQ)
Iron 1: 7$ (SoloQ) 10$ (DuoQ)
Netwin in Iron: $1.75

Bronze 4: $8 (SoloQ) $11.50 (DuoQ)
Bronze 3: $8 (SoloQ) $11.50 (DuoQ)
Bronze 2: $8.50 (SoloQ) $11.50 (DuoQ)
Bronze 1: $9.50(SoloQ) $12.50 (DuoQ)
Netwin in Bronze: $2.00

Silver 4: $11 (SoloQ) $14.50 (DuoQ)
Silver 3: $12 (SoloQ) $15.00 (DuoQ)
Silver 2: $12.50 (SoloQ) $15.50 (DuoQ)
Silver 1: $13.50 (SoloQ) $16.50 (DuoQ)
Netwin in Silver: $2.75

Gold 4: $15.00 (SoloQ) $20 (DuoQ)
Gold 3: $15.50 (SoloQ) $20 (DuoQ)
Gold 2: $16.50 (SoloQ) $21 (DuoQ)
Gold 1: $17.50 (SoloQ) $22.50 (DuoQ)
Netwin in Gold: 4.00

Plat 4: $22.00 (SoloQ)
Plat 3: $24.50 (SoloQ)
Plat 2: $26.50 (SoloQ)
Plat 1: $29.00 (SoloQ)
Netwin in Plat: $6.00

Diamond 4: $45
Diamond 3: $65
Diamond 2: $85
Diamond 1: $120

Netwin: $30

Netwin: $47.50

To Challenger/Master/Diamond MMR Account Boosting Service-

This is a boost where we take your account and bring it back to you at a much higher mmr, ever wanted 35-40 LP gains in gold? We can help with that.
This is a timely process so please understand if you purchase Challenger MMR it could take up to two weeks while Diamond will be much shorter.
You can also buy to plat/gold but it's not recommended.
PLEASE NOTE: You will have challenger mmr meaning your LP gains will be insane and you will skip divisions,series and whatnot but you will play against better players.

Price (For anything below gold main mmr): $50 In fees, $1000 to challenger MMR, $750 for Masters MMR and $500 for Diamond MMR.
Price (Currently above gold MMR): $900 For Challenger, $650 For Master $400 For Diamond.

Ending season Challenger, +rewards.
We offer this service that your account will end Challenger for S9 this has to be pre-ordered 2 months before season end.
I'll keep it short and simple and you can contact me for more information if interested.

1 month before season end your account will begin work on and guaranteed challenger ending.
For proper account security your IGN will have to be changed and we ask you do not log in till it is done.
Please note your account MUST never be logged into untill the rewards are given (borders).
Base price: $65 in fees, please contact me for more info.

You will not play any ranked games during your boost.
Your booster is located in US but can use a VPN if requested.
In the case of a ban caused by use (never happens) you will receive a full refund.
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