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Exin/WoWTrader123 << NUB


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ctmJUDGEMINT: wow...
WoWTrader123: ok well u have ur info correct
ctmJUDGEMINT: you didnt even send me my money..
ctmJUDGEMINT: and you change my account info
WoWTrader123: ok dude do u have ur account back yes or no?
ctmJUDGEMINT: good thing im not dumb enough to get scammed..
WoWTrader123: ...
WoWTrader123: ok so u have it then
ctmJUDGEMINT: no thanks to you
ctmJUDGEMINT: getting you banned on markeedragon
WoWTrader123: ok
ctmJUDGEMINT: dude
ctmJUDGEMINT: your one of the worst scammers ive ever met
ctmJUDGEMINT: you didnt even add gametime to the account...
WoWTrader123: but I'm still on him
WoWTrader123: free time I call it
ctmJUDGEMINT: your on him?
ctmJUDGEMINT: pretty funny
WoWTrader123: yea
ctmJUDGEMINT: since the account status is frozen...
WoWTrader123: but anyway u have ur info back and
ctmJUDGEMINT: good job dumbass
WoWTrader123: ok
ctmJUDGEMINT: getting posted in the scammer section
WoWTrader123: make sure they spell it Exin
WoWTrader123: E
WoWTrader123: X
WoWTrader123: I
WoWTrader123: N
ctmJUDGEMINT: lmao.. nub
ctmJUDGEMINT: scam didnt work
WoWTrader123: lol yea it happens...so u had the account page up just in case