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Selling [EU][Steam] 62 Maehwa 281/281/324 Original Owner, High End Account.



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Hello there, as you can see from title, I want to sell my account that comes with 35 TripleA Steam games; I can't spend time on games anymore especially MMOs or online games in general due to life
You will be provided with a new email that will allow you to get access to Steam, Social Club and FrontierStore accounts due to the fact I was using my personal Email.
Account is on sale for €2490. Prefer to use Paypal Family and Friends


Pen Dandelion Level1 Caphras
Pen Kzarka Level5 Caphras
Tet Fiery Nouver Level1 Caphras
Tet Kutum Level0 Caphras
Pen Heve Helmet Level9 Caphras
Tet Dim Spirit Armor Level4 Caphras
Tet Bheg Level4 Caphras
Tet Urugon Level4 Caphras
Full Tet Accessories ( 2x Narc Earring, 2x Crescent Ring, Valtarra Belt, Laytenn)
Vell's Heart.

BDO's account info:
Played time 8103 Hours
Energy 469| CP 332
Maehwa Level 62.50 with 2149 Skill points
Maehwa with 42 Breath Level, 38 Health Level and 24 Strenght Level
All Loyalties and Pearl Weights purchased for Maehwa (300LT and 250LT event one included). Weight up to 2009LT
All Inventory Slots purchased on Maehwa (192/192)
All Character Slots purchased with 1 more Character Slot expansion coupon for the upcoming class (18 slots)
Lodging Coupon bought for all cities( All sold out besides Duvencrune)
Storage Slots( Bought for all cities up to 120 slot)
Provided with Pearl Tent
Maids/Butlers 21 (16 Storage| 5 Marketplace)
Both Traveler and Explorer's Package bought
Pets: 3xT4( 2x Hedgehog, 1x Dog) 5xT3 and 1xT1
Fairy T4( Level5 Miracoulous Cheer, Level5 Inexhaustible Well, Level5 Tingling Breath, Level1 Fairy's Tear)
T8 Courser with 2x Set of Pearl Gear.(Cavaro and Lahr Arcien). Equipped with Green Gear(2x pieces Level10)
Mount skills Change coupon x19 for Dream horse.
Life skills: All required life skills for Crate System, Cooking and alchemy almost Master or above.( Farming Level Artisan9 on an Alt Char)
Costume for life skills bought; Processing, Alchemy and Trade p2w cloth
Lots of costumes on Maehwa.
Empire Workers: 59 Workes already functional for Crate purposes( 56 Artisans, 2 Professional, 1 Skilled(Duvencrune).
Epheria Sailboat( Parked at Epheria).
A lot of Sealed Combat Books, Skill Exp scrolls, Combat Exp scrolls (533% included), Life Exp book, Bell, 2x Exp Cake(Unused), Skill Reset Coupon and more...
Shakatu Seals left:50
Huge amounts of materials in storages ready to be processed for crates trading, cooking, alchemy purposes.
Balance in Market Warehouse: 3.7 bil
Check screenshots for details purpose:
Steam Account Info:

Up to almost $950 worth games. You will be provided with Social Club account with almost everything on it and huge stats and An Elite Dangerous account with Horizon Pass too.

If you would like any kind of details, information or more images feel free to contact me on Discord @ Arnisse#6554.
In the end if you would like to ask me anything regarding maehwa feel free to do it.


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