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Hello dear EPICNPCers,
As the name states I am selling an EPIC Paladin spec monster for BGs and Outposts. In the current specs it's not as broken as it was before last patch, but you are still pretty much unkillable with no effort.
Also your friends will <3 your tanking capabilities in expeditions and 65 Corrupts.

-- No transfer available --
Lvl60, 594 GS with all proper gear - > Main specc is PVE Tank + Heal with massive constitution+ focus on survivability and threat/luck combination (only missing 2 t5 bags to top luck)
Hatcher (focus gem) Outpost/BG rush spec

Gold almost 54k + full storage of stuff to sell.

Never bought, sold or traded gold. All farmed by hands. 100% safe.
Account is being sold along with email adress (if needed).

Payment via Paysend or Crypto (PayPal can be an option only if you have good reputation here)

Asking price: 450EUR.

Report ip hash: 552271bb6529df18a60e2f