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Selling EU LifeSkilling Account only 450 usd pictures uploaded



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link to account pictures (sorry in advanced but i was lazy) :D

trying to rush sell it in order to buy other account, selling for 450 usd, account worth more for sure, for more info feel free to contact me.
account total silver value is more than 43 bil. (would say 50 if long term selling crates)
more than 600 usd invested into this account from me and from previous owners into pearl items.weight ,tent,costums and more other stuff.
update from last season event - got pen ring,and 100 FS (and quite bunch more +40-60)
really worth the price.
mentioned, my bdo lifeskilling account(61 striker and shai) and alot of alts for energies and stuff)
the account has these things:
Full tri manos Accessories (earrings,rings,belt,necklace)
Tet manos gather clothes
tet manos butcher knife
Khan stone
cooking pearl clothes
shark costum
treant camo
WH process costum
underwater clothes
perm flute
P2W camp
desert camo costum
2 horse sets
alchemy pearl clothes
shai gather clothes
Full LT (up to 2600 LT!)
around 45 days of kama and value pack
around 30 days of old moon
many storage items (around 6 bil if selling to store,with crates its sums up to be 11bil)
155 inventory slots (with value pack)
guru 3 cooking
artisan 10 gather
master 7 process(very easy to lvl i just dont leave my laptop on)
master 2 fishing (very easy to lvl i just dont leave my laptop on)
350 energy / 355 cp (raised every day with cooking)
T4 and T3 pets
T3 golden hedgehog
many advice of valks from all ranges
worker empire
and REALLY ALOT more :)
feel free to contact me on discord for more info and pictures :)

Discord: Fluffy Pudel#1106

payment with paypal
middleman will be used on buyers fee.
lots of room to grow,many fs to gather from adventure logs,
account total value is around 42 bil in silver(without crates)
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