Selling [eu][a/h] wod || sale | hc, bf, hm, rbg/arena, free cm if order 200


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[eu][a/h] wod || sale | hc, bf, hm, rbg/arena, free cm if order 200+ euro

Used this guy for normal SoO boost

He started within an hour of me paying and provided screen shots of loot from dead bosses

He cleared 9 in one run and finished off the other 4 two days later will definitely use again

Can be a little slow on Skype but he does always reply

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14/14 hc with mount over 2 days, good service, no problems
Wow, order again.
30-45 Minutes for 4 Bosses in HC with a very good grp, thank you very much :)

I order again !
Just doing an arena carry. So far so good.
Quick replies as well as allowing me pay in separate bundles per bracket of rating.
Funds sent will update as it goes along.
So far A+
Booked the hc garrosh kill and mount for Sunday night, ill update how it goes
Edit- Very clean and fast kill, good group. You're bars do get moved but you're addons and settings don't change. There is a little lack of commutation but he always reply's in the end.
Got my SOO 14/14 nm boost done.

The trader is nice and available on Skype. He quickly booked me a place into a welcoming guild with no other classes that needed the same loot.
The boost was very fast and fun. Got my full T16 and all the loots available for my main and second spec.

I am very pleased with my order, definitely a trader I will order again in the future.
Got a SoO boost done, was a bit delayed but worked out well in the end.
Got a few nice upgrades and the raid was very friendly.
With the cheap price it was definitely worth it!
I have bought a couple of boosts recently. All have gone fairly smoothly and loot has been distributed as advised. Will be purchasing again.
I am very pleased with my order, definitely a trader I will order again in the future
14/14 normal done 1 run
good ty
i did SOO normal 25 man and it went rly rly well and organized ..

my char now with them for max Conquest Points ..

cheers i recommend them, cheap and you can trust them.
Bought a garrosh nhc kill got the boost 1 day after, good support fast kill will buy again!
I bought my second boost and got it done within 20mins. ;) I'm going to recommend it to my friends!
i purchased 2x 10k Conquest points with good price they give me ..

i am very happy with their services in PVE and PVP ( tried both) ..

they finished my 20k CP, within 48 hours ..

i really recommend them
Bought 14/14 hc piloted, was done over 2 days. Very pleased, lots of items main and off spec.
Bought 10 man Garrosh normal kill, cheap price and went very smoothly. Even got some loot as extra.
Bought 14/14 hc piloted, was done over 2 days. Very pleased, lots of items main and off spec.
Done a flex boost started up in 15mins after payment, after some wipes on 1ste boss we did all went very smooth would def order again.
Just bought a gladiator boost, special offer for ally mage. First i chose them cause it was really really cheaper than other booster for same service. Everything has been really fast, guy reach 2.3cr from really crap cr in few hours first day. Sadly i got a soo 14/14 hc in the same day and they were slowler cause of me. Today they just played a few hours and reach 2.8+ cr. Honnestly awesome. I got hd stream during boost and it was very nice to look as a pvp player :)
Would greatly recommand them. Will buy more when wod comes out.
Buying Garrosh HC with Mount, after 1 Week and some try's i got it now. I can say that this Guy dont scamm you he is trust. Thx Again.

great service i purchased hc 25man soo boost and they ran it for me as i was at work and it was fast and got quite alot of loot would recommend this service
Bought Garrosh boost. Went smoothly and really well.
Can recommend.
Great Guys - ordered some flex runs.
Delivered fast, played professionel.
Can recommend these players.
Great service, cheat price.
I recommend them.
Bought Garrosh HC for mount. Done in a few attempts, and cheap.
The contact and support was very friendly and efficient. Ordered a 8/8 CM boost, whicht only took around 2 days from the order until completion.
Was very pleasantly suprised being able to watch the run via stream. The CM-Runs were very professional, you could see these are very experienced players who clearly know what they are doing, my char even got ranked ~realm rank 5 with those times. I can honestly recommend to anyone seeking a flawlessly executed CM-Boost.
Ordered a Brf hc run. Went very fast and smooth. The Support was friendly. I'll recommend it to everyone
Bought a piloted 8/8 CM Gold boost for my Paladin. They started a bit later than planned, but once they got going they completed every dungeon in one evening. Very happy with the price and payment went smooth. Quick Skype response when around.

WoD CM weapon looks great with MoP CM armor.



Bought HC Heroic loot run : perfect service !
Very bad luck on 1sr run (6loots) they took me for free for another full run with free selfplay (11 loots i think) !
So 17 loots from this order !!
Go guysn they are PRO as hell and very reliable :)
Hello, bought HC Heroic loot run, amazing service, first run did not go very well so got another run and in total got 14-15 loots for my spec
very nice guy and reliable, great work keep it up !

Bought service for HFC HC, 15+ loot .. great guy to deal with and good raiding guild. Will come back for more. Thanks ++++
cm gold shared fast and good +++
had a full 13/13 hfc hc run in one day, the raid leader was communicating 24/7 and things went smooth, i love how you get what you want without any1 loot with me, i will reffer my friends to this guy, not to mention that you can ask for whatever you want in skype and you will always leave satisfied :)
I got a free self play 8/8 CM Gold boost for my Paladin, after taking full HC gear boost. They started a bit later than planned, but the boost was very smooth. Man on the skype is very cool btw :) .
Quick and smooth service. Got everything that I needed, did a full BRF mythic lootrun with mount, professional support.
Bought cm and hfc hc boost. All went very smooth and the service was excellent in every aspect. :)
Did full Heroic HFC run, everything went smooth and they were fast and very reliable!! :)
Best offer : Do order for 200+ euro and get CM BOOST FOR FREE!
Bought one of the account. Everything went fine and i got a discount as bonus ;)

Very friendly guy, answered me every question i got.

So far so nice, im now enjoying my new R1 !

Thanks again Helpwow !
Ordered 13/13 Hellfire HC run with min 9 items guaranted .

Everything went smooth i get 14 items (5 coins mine)

Boost took only 3 hrs

I get discount almost 4 euro :)

And archimode HC mount for free :)

100 % legit guys highly recomend them !
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Any Feedback from people on here (EpicNPC) who have actually used this service?