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Selling [EU] 159k CS / 46,7k atk / Volt main / Meta comp 450$

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Hello there!
I'm looking forward to sell my Tower of Fantasy account as I'm not willing to play the game anymore. Below you can find some details regarding the transaction itself, and down below you will find some account details alongside with the screenshots.

Payment method: PayPayl
Contact details: sumirell (Discord)
Price: 450$

Disclaimer! Due to the fact that the account has been linked to the Infinite Level Pass when it got introduced and because it's the email address that I am still willing to use, I can't give you access to that email. Instead, I offer other methods, e.g. linking it to your social media account or letting you change the password to your likings (I'll accept the password change on my email), whichever method you'd prefer instead to be honest. Infinite Level Pass is not letting me unbind the email address from either the ToF account or the Infinite Level Pass account itself, hence we will have to find a workaround that fits you best.
Account details
- Currently, the advanced battle pass is activated on the account (21 days & 22 hours until the end, visible on the screenshots)
- Nearly all advanced battle passes were bought except for 2 or 3 that were in the game in its first months
- Lots of weapons, matrices, costumes, and materials!
- For more screenshots / details reach out to me on Discord! :)
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So the account stays on your e-mail and it's still yours and you want somebody to donate you money (y)
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The account stays on my e-mail because I can't change it and because I wasn't thinking about selling it prior to creating an account I can't afford to sell my mail e-mail right now.
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*my main e-mail
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