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etrnal168 is a scammer.


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I reported Zander before, with substantial evidence of scamming, and he was IP banned from the forum.
Now he's back, under the name etrnal168, apparantly at a friend's house, or using some sort of public computer. I know this is him for a fact, but I can't quite prove it... yet. Most apparent clue, aside from something I can't publically mention (in case he reads it), is that he told me that he will barely ever check his PMs, so all replies should be sent to his Gmail account (therefore, he will be able to check this stuff from home.). I know for a fact that he scammed FFXI accounts with a friend, because of the manner in which he did it. This is possibly his last lifeline, scamming from his friends house.

Though, at this time, there is not enough evidence to IP ban this user, I strongly urge everyone to not engage in trades with him.

Edit: Suspicions confirmed. He just gave me his 'home phone', which turned out to be his cellphone number, and is based in San Jose, CA. Same cellphone carrier, same number. If you need proof, contact both and ask 'em for their numbers.


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Do not trade with Roxa, I cannot say whether he is a scammer, but he is a liar for sure.

First of all, huh? I am Zander. Wow, I believe Zander will be in shock when he reads this forum. What made you think I am Zander?

First of all, I am not Zander, and as a matter of fact, you know what? I think you are.

You contacted me via AIM last night asking me whether I was ready to do the trade, then I asked you to take a screenshot of your character while doing a /hurray emotion, you told me "ok hold on..." then you said, here is a screenshot from a while ago and that you are unable to take one because you DONT have the account back yet.

My question is, why were you asking me whether I was ready to do the trade when you did NOT have the account yet? It was clearly a planned scam, when you found out I knew you were a scammer, you turned the scenario around and called me Zander.

Btw, who are you to say "I think I have said enough" then sign off on me. In addition, my name was registered TWO years ago, not just a few days ago like yours is. I believe that gives me more credibility than you.

Roxas, I think I have said enough.

You can continue your low life scandals.

I will not reply to this thread anymore, anything further you post will just be pure garbage and meaningless lies, and I do not have time to argue with a liar.