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Selling Erep ACC D1(Low Division),+1300Gold,+410Kcc,+162K Str,1500Bars(2x)-Price: 250€


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Specific Detail on 29 Nov 2018 :

+5 years old account
0 FF points gained (Respected all rules from the begining)
Division 1
+162k Strenght

Military Rank - Titan *
Aircraft Rank - Staff Sergeant *****
34 lvl (using IK (Infantry Kit) can fight/ make battles even more than 4 months in D1)
+1300 Gold
+410 000 cc

+Lot of medals
Loyalty Program: Silver Player with 90.89 % - 82.01 LP left until Gold Status (Almost Gold Player)

4x Training Q4 (Training contract +70 hours)
+260 (50+100+110hp) Energy building
Q3 Rocket build (500.000 damage)
+1.753.000 - Very Large Storage!
10 Energy Bars
1500 energy Bars (2x)

+31 Pumpkin (Pumpkin restore 50 Energy. Be sure to eat all of them before the end of Day 4,040!)
+348 Q5 Moving Tickets - A lot of Q5 tickets!
+5825 - A lot of Overtime points!

+1040 Q1 Food
8h,2h (total 2x) 50% Damage Booster
8h,2h (total 25x) 100% Damage Booster
10mn (total 33x) x5 Acceleration Booster
5mn (total 134x) x2 Acceleration Booster
1 Ghost Booster
+3621 Bazooka
+111 AIM-92 Stinger
33 Countrys - A lot of country licences for trading!
1 Q1 Food Company

Storage ( http://prntscr.com/loimpg )

PRICE: 250€

Accept payment by PayPal, Skrill or Bank Transfer.

Email for contact: [email protected]

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