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EQ2 Gold Farming Techniques


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We'd like to make the community aware of a recent account-theft scam that is being circulated

through email, game forums, in-game chat, and other mediums. This scam involves fake URLs, or

hyperlinks, that once clicked will install harmful "keylogging" software intended to steal your

World of Warcraft account name and password. After the creators of these keyloggers steal this

information, they log into your account, immediately change your password to lock you out, and

then sell all of your items and transfer all of your gold.

The scam comes in many forms, including URLs advertised as links to class guides, gameplay

videos, and in many cases user-interface (UI) modifications. As a general rule, be extremely wary

of URLs ending in ".jpg.html" and ".scr," as in many cases the harmful software is being hidden

at locations that end with these extensions.

For these reasons, it is very important that players take caution when being directed to outside

websites and update the security on their computers accordingly. To secure your computer, we

suggest adding some Internet security to your system (for example: a firewall and anti-virus

scanner). If you are unsure what security measures to take, discuss the issue of system security

with your ISP or a trained Network Administrator for the solution that is right for you.

We also strongly recommend that all players use the Blizzard Launcher to start World of Warcraft.

In addition to serving as a portal to the game, the Blizzard Launcher provides greater security

for our players against harmful software such as the type discussed here. To learn more about

this utility, please visit the Blizzard Launcher Page and check out the Blizzard Launcher FAQ.
If you buy gold ,you need choose a good seller, like
www.egamelord.com ,or ask some useful

suggestion from sellers.

If you come across a suspicious link or program, please report it to Blizzard.

For more information on keeping your account secure and what to do if you feel your account has

been compromised, please visit the Account Security page.


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I was brainstorming ideas for a quest for friend's great thread. I started out by thinking of different ways you could acquire a quest rather then simply clicking on an NPC. Rather than derail that thread I'm just going to post some of those ideas here until I come up with a quest for his thread. This is also kind of my constructive "response" to the NPC quest markers thing.

Here goes some:

You rescue an NPC from a group of monsters. He/she not only thanks you but presents you with a quest.

Your mail icon lights up. You go to check your mail, thinking it is one of your guildmates. Ah, but no – it is the leader of the Ashen Order (or some other organization) calling upon your skills and presenting you with a quest.

You come upon two NPC’s arguing. After listening to their argument (similar to the Sarchel the storyteller mechanic) you are presented with a choice of two quests – you can prove either one or the other NPC wrong depending on whose side you take.

You die in a certain instance. The act of your dying presents you with a quest given by a spirit or ghost.

You buy a certain item from an NPC merchant. It’s a bizarre necklace with really crappy stats. But lo and behold – examining it offers you a quest.

An NPC tells you of two star-crossed lovers who jumped off a peak together. No quest is given. If you locate the peak you get a message that you hear voices calling to you. If you jump off the peak you receive the quest.

You swim all the way out to the boundary of a zone with an ocean. On reaching the boundary you are presented with a quest.

You attack a mob and when it is near zero health it asks you to spare it. If you do so you are presented with a quest.

When you have played the game for a certain amount of time: 100 days for example – you are given a quest.

If you use Call of Qeynos/Freeport from a certain zone it fizzles because there is a mystical block of some kind. You are presented with a quest.
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