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Entertaining Offers On Tram Castle, Great Location, Unobstructed View

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Looking to find out what this may be worth in UO Gold, perhaps RL$. Also will entertain trades for True Rare Server Birth Items and Rare Quest Items. Castle comes empty.

This Castle is located Northeast of Britain and West of Cove (across water).

The UO coords are: [31o 54'N 49o 55'E]. UOAM coords: [x2033 y1261]. Serious offers only please.

4 screens from road, and a 2 minute run from Britain East Bank. Lumber, Mining, Water, and animal spawn nearby. Never seen anything worse than a brigand camp. Great Vendor Area. Please ICQ me 37533374 if you wish to make an offer.
Thank you always,

Zuckuss-Catskills Merchant