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End Game Account. Ml Ken, ,C. Dom, and more

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Hello! I am looking to sell my crazy end game global account. I have been playing since release and just feel burnt out. This account has a ton of fun nat 5's (characters and artifacts) to choose from and will keep you entertained.


DISCORD: MOFO1922#7051

Abyss 80 Cleared
Raid normal cleared weekly
Challenger Rank 5 (Can get higher)
Many of the core units have plenty of upgrades
12 6 Star heros!
Can auto Wyvern 9 with ease, however almost have a complete wyvern 11 team.

As for the nat 5 list:

x 18 nat 5 characters: ML Ken, Fire Ken, Iseria(B), X 2 Cecelia, Bellona, Yuna, Sigret(B), Aramintha, Kise, Violet, Kayron, Sez, Chloe, Tamarinne x2,

Notable LDs and 4star: Challenger Dominiel (SS) Axe god, Assassin Coli x2, Figher maya, Guider aither, Crimson Armin, Celestial Mercedes, BB Karin, Assassin Cid, Doris, Generl Purgis (OP Wyvern 11), Angelica, Schuri, etc.

x22 5 Star Artifacts, plenty of good 4 star artifacts. All of which are shown in the photos. Check the link below

Please Email me for more info.

Due to SmileGates secruity, the account is linked with my main school email and I cannot give it away. We will have to find a way around that but I am a very serious and trustworthy seller and have no intention of playing this game again once it is sold. Thank you ^^
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