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ELEMENTSK8ER ON AIM - SCAMMED, could somebody please help me?


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[19:54] Killer040404: Do I really have to keep on making AIM names just to ask you why you did it? I just want an explanation as to why, not the account.
[19:54] Elementsk8er908: HAHAHHAH
[19:54] Killer040404: -sigh-
[19:54] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

[19:51] killer0405: Why the hell are you doing this? I just want my account back, what do you want? Paypal money? I just want my warrior back, you can freaking strip him and give the gold away and delete him, I just want him back. Why did you be a jerk and just change my password? I tried to be nice and all and even told you I wanted to stay in touch, why did you go and screw me over like that?
[19:51] killer0405: I'm trying to be nice man.
[19:52] killer0405: But I can't be if you're just going to screw me over for no reason when I even told you I wanted to STAY IN TOUCH.
[19:52] killer0405: =/
[19:52] Elementsk8er908: sorry man....
[19:52] killer0405: I'm just asking, I don't care if you don't get it back I want to know why.
[19:52] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

He took my account after about 2 days, and those are only TWO of the convos I had with him, I had to make like eight AIM names =/, could anybody please help me find out some info, like phone number and stuff from him? Please, I need to find out how to get in contact with this kid's parents or something, I'm getting angry. -_-


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What are the details of your Warrior (Name, Server ect), and what's your main AIM you use? I may be able to help you out.


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My warrior name is Glumner on Archimonde Alliance, he's a dwarf warrior. I traded for Adio, level 52 Tauren Shaman, he let me play on the account for about 2 days and me the same for him, and then one day I couldn't log on so I kept messaging him and he kept saying hold on then logging off. So I figure he blocked me and made so many AIM names just to get in contact with him. My AIM name- megawax1
Thanks man /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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[20:17] HyPeRhAmMer411: OMG HEY
[20:17] MeGaWaX1: Can I help you?
[20:17] HyPeRhAmMer411: i just got [censored] scammed by that prick too
[20:17] MeGaWaX1: omg
[20:18] MeGaWaX1: what did he do?
[20:18] MeGaWaX1: >_<
[20:18] HyPeRhAmMer411: jacked my account
[20:18] HyPeRhAmMer411: but didnt give him my SQA
[20:18] HyPeRhAmMer411: because i forgot it...
[20:18] MeGaWaX1: Yeah
[20:18] MeGaWaX1: Same here
[20:18] MeGaWaX1: And lemme guess
[20:19] MeGaWaX1: did he let you play his?
[20:19] MeGaWaX1: for a day or two?
[20:19] HyPeRhAmMer411: no just inspected him and he seemed legit
[20:19] MeGaWaX1: ah
[20:19] MeGaWaX1: put negatives on this guy
[20:19] MeGaWaX1: Post in the thread I posted in
[20:19] MeGaWaX1: Keep it clear that he's a scammer, im [censored] pissed as hell right now
[20:20] HyPeRhAmMer411: tried to register but the server wont send me an email
[20:20] MeGaWaX1: bah
[20:20] MeGaWaX1: I've been doing all I can to get it known he's a ***** /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif
[20:21] HyPeRhAmMer411: what did he want to trade you for
[20:21] MeGaWaX1: I traded HI
[20:21] MeGaWaX1: M
[20:21] MeGaWaX1: my 60 warrior for his 52 shammy
[20:21] MeGaWaX1: i was like
[20:21] MeGaWaX1: ok
[20:21] MeGaWaX1: and
[20:21] MeGaWaX1: his shammy was gimped out
[20:21] MeGaWaX1: all epics / blues
[20:21] MeGaWaX1: i was lik ecool
[20:21] MeGaWaX1: we traded
[20:21] MeGaWaX1: 2 days later
[20:21] MeGaWaX1: he recovers the account and keeps mine
[20:21] MeGaWaX1: =/
[20:21] HyPeRhAmMer411: what was your warrior's name
[20:22] MeGaWaX1: Glumner
[20:22] HyPeRhAmMer411: he was trading a warrior named Dromid
[20:23] MeGaWaX1: hes full of [censored]