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Selling Duel links account $65

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87 different URs 31 of which are prisma or glossy types not including the dupes of the cards, 146 different SRs 12 are prisma or glossy not including dupes, + a ton of Rs and Ns, got more cards.

78 extra deck mons in total, A bunch of card sleeves and game mats, lots of unused items, 5.2k+ gems

road to champ 1 UR Dream ticket, 2 R ticket (kuriboh one), road to champ 1 UR Prismatic, road to champ 1 UR ticket, road to champ 1 SR (Prismatic), road to champ 2 SR ticket , choose your gift 1 SR ticket, choose your gift 3 R ticket ,2nd anni 1 SR Dream Ticket, login bonus 3 SR ticket, login 2 N ticket, 2nd anni 1 UR Dream Ticket, 2nd anni 1 UR (Prismatic), 2nd anni 1 UR ticket, 2nd anni 1 SR (Prismatic), 2nd anni 1 SR ticket, login bonus 2 R tickets.

DM Stage 33
Yami Yugi lvl 35
Kaiba lvl 35
Joey lvl 35
Mai lvl 30
Tea lvl 35
Yugi Muto lvl 12 (Event exclusive)
Weevil lvl 7
Rex lvl 1
Mako lvl 16
Yami Marik lvl 1 (Event exclusive)
Yami Bakura lvl 1 (Event exclusive)
Bandit Keith lvl 1
Ishizu lvl 1
Odion lvl 1
Mokuba lvl 1 (Event exclusive)
Arkana lvl 1 (Event exclusive)
Bonz lvl 1 (Event exclusive)
Pegasus (Event exclusive), Paradox brothers (Event exclusive), and Espa Ropa (Event exclusive) are not unlocked yet
GX Stage 15
Jaden lvl 36
Zane (Kaiser) lvl 26 (Event exclusive)
Aster Phoenix lvl 25
Chazz lvl 28
Alexis lvl 27
Crowler lvl 1 (Event exclusive)
Yubel lvl 1 (Event exclusive)
Jesse (Event exclusive) and Syrus (Event exclusive) are not unlocked yet

5D Stage 5
Yusei lvl 20
Crow and Akiza are not unlocked yet

Contact me here via dm or pm
Or add me on discord Yenny#1361
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UPDATE Price is now $70
More cards, items, all current structure decks, more icons ,tons of duel orbs, keys, exchange orbs, sleeves and playmats, and 7.1k+ gems now
Crowler lvl 22
yubel lvl 17
Yugi Muto lvl 15 (Event exclusive)
Mako lvl 21
Obtained Sartorius (Event Exclusive)
Obtained Tyranno Hassleberry (Event Exclusive)
5D stage 8
Yusei lvl 26
Akiza lvl 20
Crow, Jack and Trudge not unlocked yet
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Multiple Accounts
Weevil lvl 12

Yubel lvl 32
Jaden lvl 37

Akiza lvl 24

9.9k+ Gems there is more in the gift box
More cards added to the collection, unlocked more sleeves and icons, more tickets etc.
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