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DuCkSaUceISLeEt on AIM is a scammer.


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Okay this guy is very suspicious and from dealing with scammers he was just after a high level account, lucky i trial people first /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

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DuCkSaUceISLeEt (9:02:00 AM): Hi
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (9:02:39 AM): I'm interested in joining your powerleveling team.
ATDarkWolf (10:10:09 AM): Do you have a good rep at markee?
DuCkSaUceISLeEt returned at 10:10:10 AM.
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:10:26 AM): I don't even have an account with them yet.
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:10:35 AM): I just browse through every once in a while.
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:10:59 AM):
ATDarkWolf (10:11:05 AM): Okay i dont employ people without a good reputation. Too many scammers.
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:11:15 AM): Ah, Understandable.
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:11:47 AM): I used to work for WoWpowerlevel
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:11:57 AM): And a friend of mine told me about your add.
ATDarkWolf (10:12:07 AM): Anyone with a good rep that can vouch for you?
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:12:19 AM): I quit with them because I did not like the way they worked as a company.
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:12:38 AM): I don't know anyone on Markee personally so I couldn't really say.
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:13:41 AM): But i'd be glad to try out your powerleveling business I can level extremely fast.
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:13:56 AM): And i'm not looking to scam in any way, shape, or form.
ATDarkWolf (10:16:44 AM): Well theres no way you can scam because we only accept customers with SQA's so thats okay, but we are really looking for dedicated members. i would trial you on a lowbie account and see how fast you can get it to level 25. Shouldn't be too hard but will show me how you can work.
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:17:08 AM): Sure
ATDarkWolf (10:20:34 AM): okay
ATDarkWolf (10:20:47 AM): ******* // ********** its a ********* (Edited for security of account)
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:21:02 AM): Ok
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:24:21 AM): Ok I will begin to level it momentarily.
ATDarkWolf (10:29:13 AM): Okay thankyou, keep me updated every few levels.
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:29:18 AM): Ok.
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:30:28 AM): bah nm man powerleveling is for chinks.
ATDarkWolf (10:31:21 AM): Thought you said you wanted to join.
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:31:44 AM): Yeah well you [censored] thought wrong.
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:31:57 AM): lol
ATDarkWolf (10:31:58 AM): Okay so you were a scammer, have a nice day
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:32:02 AM): nah
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:32:07 AM): i didnt even log onto the acct
ATDarkWolf (10:32:13 AM): nice way to turn around and be abusive all of a sudden
DuCkSaUceISLeEt (10:32:14 AM): k thx bye


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Currently waiting on him now, I will see how this goes. I hope this isnt the 3rd gamecard I have lost.