Dragon Bane - Guides and FAQs for Newbies


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Hello. Here are some things I've figured out along the way that really help out in making you stronger as efficiently as possible.

-Get to vip 2. These two vip levels really help out in the long run. You'll be able to auto-farm dungeons (sometimes you pass a level on luck, and you just can't seem to pass it again the next day;; auto-farming it is the solution). You'll be able to open the d-chests more than once a day (3 chests is the requirement to earn routine points for it, which contributes to you recieving your daily 50 diamonds). There wil no longer be cooldowns for talent upgrades, which is just convenient. Advanced training becomes available (you'll need advanced training to get a companion to level 'A';; I'm not saying that you can't get there with gold, it'll just take 200 times as long to get to 'A' with gold than it is to get to 'A' with both gold and advanced training [2 dia])
== I know that a lot of you guys are non-spenders, and you're not sure if you want to spend money on this game. Here's a solution :
http://m.freemyapps.com. You can open this link on your iphone/ipad and begin downloading free sponsored apps that give you points. With enough collected points, you can exchange them for iTunes gift cards, which you can use to buy yourself some diamonds. There's nothing illegal about it;; with a little work on your part (downloading free apps .....), you get diamonds, DBE gets money; everyone wins. I consider this non-spending, and if you think so as well, try it out!

-With all the ways to get diamonds, you'll collect around 100 +/- free diamonds per day. I've found it to be the most effiecient way to spend diamonds when I teleport to level 1 in dungeons twice a day. Your first one will be free, and your second one will cost 30 diamonds. I started doing this once I got to dungeon level 50, which gave me some healthy experience every day. You'll find that once you're level 70, you start leveling extremely slowly, and you'll develop your own strategies of earning as much experience per day as possible. Next, I open 3 d-chests. Depending on your level, you'll recieive around 300k gold total for 12 diamonds. I'm certain this is well worth the diamonds, not to mention you get 5 routine points for opening 3 d-chests. After that, I would suggest you refrain from opening anymore d-chests. Spending diamonds in these two areas costs you 42 diamonds, which leaves you with 8 gaurunteed diamonds (50 diamonds daily from routine points) plus all the extra diamonds you've collected from dragon lair and instances. I save these diamonds for training, resocketing gear (replacing sapphires with amethysts/topaz will cost 10 diamonds each), contributing to the guild, and events.