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Dont know if hes a scammer but I would not trade with him, LOOK


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DAzn2341 (11:00:45 PM): hey there, are ya tradin the warrior? =
DAzn2341 (11:00:47 PM): p
Logicd22 (11:00:59 PM): ya
DAzn2341 (11:01:46 PM): interested in a NE rogue?
Logicd22 (11:01:55 PM): gear gear
Logicd22 (11:01:59 PM): Love nes
DAzn2341 (11:02:03 PM): wanna check him in game?
Logicd22 (11:02:19 PM): no not unless I can play lol u got a profile?
DAzn2341 (11:02:20 PM): i can send you a profile if you want
Logicd22 (11:02:23 PM): ya
DAzn2341 (11:02:24 PM): sec
Logicd22 (11:03:35 PM): is it epic
Logicd22 (11:03:36 PM): ?
DAzn2341 (11:03:49 PM): yep
Logicd22 (11:04:29 PM): ...
DAzn2341 (11:04:45 PM): just a second, first time trading account i gotta make the profile
DAzn2341 (11:08:03 PM): blah i just messed it up
DAzn2341 (11:08:06 PM): want me to just tell you?
Logicd22 (11:08:18 PM): i cld do it lol
DAzn2341 (11:08:40 PM): rather not have you on my account just yet =P
Logicd22 (11:08:49 PM): Got 9 pos lol
Logicd22 (11:08:50 PM): k
DAzn2341 (11:09:01 PM): hmm?
Logicd22 (11:09:08 PM): tell me
DAzn2341 (11:09:20 PM): bf hood with death's embrace (rogue enchant zg)
DAzn2341 (11:09:22 PM): eye of hakkar
DAzn2341 (11:09:27 PM): ns spaulders with 30 ap from zg
DAzn2341 (11:09:31 PM): cloak of firemaw with stealth
DAzn2341 (11:09:36 PM): nightslayer chest with 4 stats
DAzn2341 (11:09:38 PM): THUG SHIRT
DAzn2341 (11:09:42 PM): GUILD TABARD
DAzn2341 (11:09:46 PM): bf bracers 9 stam
DAzn2341 (11:09:48 PM): ns gloves 15 agi
DAzn2341 (11:09:49 PM): ns belt
DAzn2341 (11:09:54 PM): bf pants with zg enchant
DAzn2341 (11:09:57 PM): ns boots with minor speed
DAzn2341 (11:10:00 PM): quick strike ring
DAzn2341 (11:10:06 PM): master dragonslayer's ring
DAzn2341 (11:10:12 PM): drakefang talisman
DAzn2341 (11:10:14 PM): hand of justice
Logicd22 (11:10:14 PM): that from nef?
DAzn2341 (11:10:19 PM): perditions blade/corehound tooth
DAzn2341 (11:10:19 PM): yeah
DAzn2341 (11:10:26 PM): gurubashi dwarf destroyer
DAzn2341 (11:10:41 PM): and i have an extra NS bracer in my bank
DAzn2341 (11:10:44 PM): along with a few ZG pieces
DAzn2341 (11:10:55 PM): only exalted with AV
Logicd22 (11:11:02 PM): hm
Logicd22 (11:11:14 PM): Would like to play him
DAzn2341 (11:11:27 PM): can i play yours then?
Logicd22 (11:11:56 PM): Well Not tonight mabye we can just trade tommorow
DAzn2341 (11:12:13 PM): why not now?
DAzn2341 (11:12:27 PM): sorry if i seem rushed, its my first trade
Logicd22 (11:12:43 PM): ehh, Dont really know if I wana let u on my acct, no pos
DAzn2341 (11:12:52 PM): pos?
Logicd22 (11:12:57 PM): rep
Logicd22 (11:13:00 PM): on markee
Logicd22 (11:13:02 PM): I got 9
Logicd22 (11:13:09 PM): played many peoples accts
Logicd22 (11:13:30 PM): http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showratings.php/User/13398
DAzn2341 (11:13:50 PM): its my first trade, i have never used markee dragon before now =/
Logicd22 (11:13:58 PM): ya
Logicd22 (11:14:07 PM): would you use a middle man
Logicd22 (11:14:12 PM): like a markee dragon mod
DAzn2341 (11:14:20 PM): how do those work?
Logicd22 (11:14:39 PM): we both give them our info they check it and give it to us
Logicd22 (11:14:47 PM): Will fet sqa?
DAzn2341 (11:14:54 PM): how can i trust them?
Logicd22 (11:15:00 PM): nuka md
Logicd22 (11:15:05 PM): has 41 pos rep
Logicd22 (11:15:08 PM): markee mod
Logicd22 (11:15:13 PM): has mm for be lots b4
DAzn2341 (11:15:22 PM): how do i know he isnt your firend?
Logicd22 (11:15:29 PM): lol
Logicd22 (11:15:34 PM): ask anyone on markee
Logicd22 (11:15:37 PM): im legit hes legit
DAzn2341 (11:15:39 PM): im sorry if i dont seem trusting
DAzn2341 (11:15:58 PM): its my first try and i dont want to lose my account =/
Logicd22 (11:16:09 PM): http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showratings.php/User/7364
Logicd22 (11:16:14 PM): will I get sqa?
DAzn2341 (11:16:15 PM): he also has a 60 paladin that it took me a while to level
DAzn2341 (11:16:21 PM): what is a sqa?
Logicd22 (11:16:33 PM): answer to the secret question
DAzn2341 (11:16:39 PM): yes
DAzn2341 (11:16:40 PM): do you?
Logicd22 (11:17:18 PM): Im working on geting it its a safe acct nothing will happend if I did I would give ur rogue back
Logicd22 (11:17:23 PM): Had for a while
DAzn2341 (11:17:33 PM): ..i dont know
Logicd22 (11:17:47 PM): why....
DAzn2341 (11:18:13 PM): cause if i trade i want to know that i can keep the account
Logicd22 (11:18:25 PM): o you can for sure
Logicd22 (11:18:31 PM): I have geared up this warr
Logicd22 (11:18:34 PM): hes in bwl guild
DAzn2341 (11:18:39 PM): and that it wont get taken back from original owner
Logicd22 (11:19:03 PM): I know the orig owner
Logicd22 (11:19:14 PM): Got it from him
DAzn2341 (11:19:20 PM): i do not trust you
Logicd22 (11:19:24 PM): omg
Logicd22 (11:19:25 PM): dude
DAzn2341 (11:19:36 PM): let me go on him.. then i will think about it
Logicd22 (11:19:51 PM): gl than if you dont trust me, gl with all the scammers out there
DAzn2341 (11:19:58 PM): like you?
Logicd22 (11:20:02 PM): lol
Logicd22 (11:20:04 PM): I got 9 pos
Logicd22 (11:20:09 PM): traded tons of time
DAzn2341 (11:20:16 PM): U R SKAMZ
Logicd22 (11:20:22 PM): what did I do to make me a scammer?
DAzn2341 (11:20:33 PM): wunt 2 steel mi acct
Logicd22 (11:20:37 PM): lol
Logicd22 (11:20:38 PM): omg
DAzn2341 (11:20:42 PM): haxxiz
DAzn2341 (11:20:48 PM): i bet u put a keylogr on meh
Logicd22 (11:20:57 PM): ok
DAzn2341 (11:21:47 PM): skam
DAzn2341 (11:21:54 PM): im giving u a negative feedback