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Don't believe MimaMan4 is a scammer logs in post


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trevorclemsonboy (10:05:47 PM): blizzard is going to love the fact i have this information
MimaMan4 (10:06:35 PM): well hes the deal you guys scammed me because I traded you fair and [censored] sqaure.
trevorclemsonboy (10:06:47 PM): roflcopter
trevorclemsonboy (10:06:56 PM): the deal was for a 5/8 netherwind mage
MimaMan4 (10:07:18 PM): and yes blizzard is gonna love the info if you give it to them, they will ban that account the instant they see you tried to trade it
trevorclemsonboy (10:07:31 PM): i don't really care
trevorclemsonboy (10:07:35 PM): you won't have it, thats all i wanna see
MimaMan4 (10:08:24 PM): haha, see the thing is I really dont care, you ahead and ban your own account, I never expected to have an account other than my own by the end of the day
trevorclemsonboy (10:08:45 PM): then just give me mine back and i'll give you something to compensate
MimaMan4 (10:08:49 PM): also the fact that you just admited to trading I can take this to blizz and get the account banned tommarow mourning
trevorclemsonboy (10:08:54 PM): then do it
MimaMan4 (10:09:31 PM): oh I will
trevorclemsonboy (10:09:39 PM): then give me the pw
trevorclemsonboy (10:09:59 PM): since i'm going to get banned from the info your sending in, it won't hurt to let me play it for one last time will it?
MimaMan4 (10:10:08 PM): I dont have the password bagger just scammed me from that account

last tells from him before i ignored him:
MimaMan4 (10:25:38 PM): well thats not gonna happen
MimaMan4 (10:25:45 PM): look im sorry for being an [censored] and stealing you acocunt
MimaMan4 (10:26:06 PM): but you have to realize that something that is as simple as a game account is worth alot of money
MimaMan4 (10:26:41 PM): and ill try and help you get the account back for you