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DO NOT TRUST XxcrosxX or gpalact (Scam Artist)

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As of this posting, the details of the below individual were results of an investigation in business transactions and operations with a Fernando Bernardino of Fort Myers, FL and findings he purposefully was misleading and deceiving potential buyers of electronic and video gaming equipment and supplies he advertised for sale, only for the purpose to exploit monies from them; most generally using western union as only payment method.

Name: Fernando Bernardino
Alias name: Dilian Bernardino
Age: 20 years old / Student at FGCU
Business/Home address: 1621 N. Mayfair Road Fort Myers, FL. 33919
Business Phone: (904) 655-9655 OR (239) 433-6848
Business E-Mail: [email protected]

Note: He may work or have even worked for an electronic/video game retail store within the Edison Mall in Fort Myers as well but cannot verify this, except calls to each respective store in that mall state they have no knowledge of such named individual.

Because of the ramifications of such scamming and the federal felony charges that would accompany such an individual doing so, the college campus where it is believed he was operating from was notified as well with the above details as well as the Fraud Department of western union who have now taken this matter seriously, and have posted warning into their system regarding the above individual, so should he ever attempt to receive monies from any western union pay station which he has gotten others to send him through their system, he most likely will be apprehended and arrested for using the western union transfer system in an illegal manner to steal other peoples' monies for his personal gain and greed.

This is a public service warning to any and all people who have contact to this individual by and through this internet gaming site to BE CAREFUL and the potential for fraud by him of your funds for video gaming merchandise and equipment he does not have to sell nor is he any Agent or Affiliate of any electronic manufacturer with such priviledge to do so... /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif