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What is the 'Scammers' forum for?

This forum is intended to inform other forum members of your experience with a fraudulent member to help prevent the fraudulent member from continuing scamming other members. If serious enough administrative action may be taken against the scammer, however it is impossible for us to get around to everyone.

Investigation Guidelines
EpicNPC provides free dispute resolution services for Trade Guardian disputes only. Members must you one of our Trade Guardian services for an investigation to be conducted.

For all other types of disputes where Trade Guardian was not used, we will only conduct an account review on the accused member. If we find them to be a known scammer or previously banned, we will ban them. However no investigation to the actual dispute will be conducted.

Trade Guardian Disputes - We recommend using the "Report" button to open a dispute for your TG transaction. An admin will join the chat where all the evidence and chat lost will already be posted. This makes investigating disputes easier and faster. If you wish to open a thread in the 'Active Dispute' forum, you can also do that if you like.

Chain Trades - Recalls
This is where an account has been bought and sold many times. If an account has been bought or sold 5 or more times and can't be recovered in a recall dispute, the lose will be split by everyone involved. Exceptions can be made if evidence is provided showing someone had no ability to recall the account.

League of Legends Dispute Rules
The following guidelines were added on July 6th, 2013 for any disputes regarding League of Legends accounts.

Please be aware LoL are high risk and there is nearly no way for the buyer or seller to prove who took an account when one is recalled. Because of this we are implementing these new rules when a dispute is reported.

1) If a recall claim is made by the buyer and no proof is provided by either party (as nearly all LoL recalls are), the seller will have to either provide a refund or 2nd account.
  • If the seller refuses, the buyer can give a negative feedback.
    • If the seller has good feedback (10+), but receives too many complaints (5+) in a short period of time they will be banned.
    • If the seller has under 10 feedback, they will be banned after 2 negative feedbacks.

2) If the second account is recalled, it will not have any standings in the dispute. The dispute will remain resolved and closed.
  • The seller can give a 3rd, 4th or 5th account, however in terms of dispute resolution, I will consider the dispute fully resolved after a 2nd account or refund is given.

3) There will be nearly no restrictions on neutral feedback for anyone buying, selling, trading League of Legends accounts.
  • The only restriction will be if a refund was given after the 1st account was recalled. If a refund was issued, no negative/neutral feedback can be given to the seller.
  • The buyer can still receive a neutral feedback if the seller believes they are lying about the recall.
  • Negative feedback can only be given to the seller if there is proof the OO or seller recalled, or the seller sold a stolen account. The buyer can only be given a negative if there is proof they are lying about the recall.
  • When there is no proof only neutral feedback can be given.
  • The only time a feedback will be removed is if the trade or sale never actually happened.

General Rules

Irrelevant Posting
Do not post on someone's scammer thread if it does not directly concern you. Posting your comments on the matter is not needed. You can only post if you are being helpful.

Helpful means you are asking the poster to add information they missed, such as screenshots, IM/forum username or URL to buy/sell/trade thread or to fill out the dispute form.
If a mod/admin missed some information that was posted, you can point that out also.

DO NOT post your opinions or ask questions.

When posting you must provide PROOF of the scam. Examples are instant message logs, PayPal logs, screenshots, etc.

Posting Personal Information
Please remember that you must edit out any personal information such as a Full Name, phone number, address, or any other personal information. ALL members are entitled to privacy.

False Information
Any attempts to provide false information or deceive our members will result in your account being suspended and your post being removed. It is up to you to make sure your information on the scammer is authentic and correct. If we suspect edited images, video will be required.

Dispute Thread Removed Requests
The original poster (OP) of a dispute thread can request it removed to a private forum that only the mods and admin can view. The OP can later request the thread moved back if need be.

1) Removing the dispute thread cannot be a condition of the accused to resolve the dispute. Meaning the accused cannot say they will only resolve the dispute if the OP agrees to remove the dispute thread. The OP cannot be forced to remove the thread.

2) The dispute must be resolved or in the process of being resolved within 5 days of it being opened. If the accused is on vacation or busy and doesn't reply or see it, the thread will not be removed, no exceptions unless its a medical emergency, but proof will need to be provided. In the case of a recall or refund where the process takes a few extra days and goes over the 5 day limit, as long as proof is provided that it's in process, the thread can still be removed after 5 days. A extended 10 day limit will be placed on such disputes.

Thank you for your cooperation!
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