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DirtyRamos - scammer


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His AIM name is DirtyRamos. He tries to pull really lame scammer tactics. Like so.

DirtyRamos (6:00:29 PM): lmao
DirtyRamos (6:00:38 PM): now we play the waiting game
DirtyRamos (6:00:40 PM): lol
Gilli1234 (6:01:21 PM): huh?
DirtyRamos (6:05:37 PM): i told blizzard everything
DirtyRamos (6:05:51 PM): both ur account will be getting locked within the next 24 hours
Gilli1234 (6:05:58 PM): mine?
DirtyRamos (6:06:04 PM): ya
Gilli1234 (6:06:10 PM): wtf are you talking about?
DirtyRamos (6:06:14 PM): i gave u 2000g in return for u account

Now I have never even talked to this guy before, so I was insanely confused.

Gilli1234 (6:06:36 PM): wth is wrong with you
DirtyRamos (6:06:38 PM): [censored] you
DirtyRamos (6:06:41 PM): ur gunna see
DirtyRamos (6:06:50 PM): both them
DirtyRamos (6:06:51 PM): both
Gilli1234 (6:06:54 PM): i dont even know who the hell you are
DirtyRamos (6:07:03 PM): i dont knwo who u are either

He continued to say that my account will be getting banned in 24 hours. Then he asked for my account info.

DirtyRamos (6:08:13 PM): gimme your acc info so i can tell blizz, then they willz not ban ours

That's when I just lauged. What a noob. Anyway, watch out for this dumbass.