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Despin (aim is dust1np)


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grr havn problems getting this post to fit going to have to make replys
traded him my roomates priest azshara pvp Amecku for his hunter teranas pve nodos recalled his hunter blocked me on aim finaly got ahold of my roomate and tryn to figure out his favorite movie was at the time and how he spelled it >< his e-mail is also [email protected]


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here yahoo between me and my roomate
Sile: does your friend have aim? dust1np is his aim name
Sile: [email protected] is his email
richard morris: i cant add him
Sile: its not yahoo its aim dust1np
richard morris: talking to him now
[censored] i just noticed he's online on my aim now to ><
richard morris: dust1np: ye
XaosLoCos: hi you traded a account with me my priest for your hunter
dust1np: cool
dust1np: priest was recalled, so i recalled hunter
XaosLoCos: well someone else took the account a warrior who also says you traded him
dust1np: yep
XaosLoCos: i never recalled the preist
red was what he copyd from his aim conversation
now heres mine and his aim conversation
UglyIrishBMX (9:58:37 PM): o ---- i thought you blocked me
dust1np (9:58:59 PM): bro ---- you
UglyIrishBMX (9:59:02 PM): look dude we know your lyng about the priest bein recalled
dust1np (9:59:04 PM): you leave me negative on markee
dust1np (9:59:14 PM): and you are the one who took back the priest acc
UglyIrishBMX (9:59:15 PM): yea cause you ----- recalled the account
UglyIrishBMX (9:59:51 PM): i didnt recall ---- we cant evan remember are secret answer we have to ------ call blizzard tomarow with the cd key to get it back
dust1np (10:00:04 PM): o cool
dust1np (10:00:11 PM): then youll get your priest back, congrats
dust1np (10:00:14 PM): i have my hunter back
dust1np (10:00:36 PM): yay!
UglyIrishBMX (10:01:49 PM): look dude you traded me the account then instantly put the priest up for trade then recalled and instantly traded the warrior again i sounds fishy to me now your acusing me of recalling you think i would make a huge deal out of it if i already got my priest back
UglyIrishBMX (10:02:55 PM): hunter i mean

dust1np signed off at 10:03:05 PM.