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SOLD Danmachi account with 6 SSR Adv

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Multiple Accounts
Selling my account lv 70 with 6 SSR Adv:

Ais (Sparkle Princess) lv 64 limitbreak+2
Ottarl (King) lv 60
Riveria (Royal Elf) lv 60
Lefiya (Elven Awakening) lv 68 limitbreak+3 with 1 bond unused
Hitachi Chigusa (Secret Onsen) lv 40
Ryu Lion (Gale) lv 40

Support: 4 SSR:
Hestia (Parttime Goddess) 1 bond unused
Yamato Mikoto (Onsen Samurai)
Loki (Oni Demon)
Hephaistios (Artless)

And various other SR at lv 60 with limitbreak

Image: https://imgur.com/a/3TS27

Want to sell for $30 via Paypal. Contact me via PM
Not open for further replies.