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D3Hell.com - Pagan Online Boosting Services

Welcome to the Pagan Online boosting section. As we move forward from the early access release new offers and services will be posted in addition to increase of
the currently capped lvl 30. Both on account and carry service available, premade farming bundles, loot runs & custom orders available.

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Powerleveling Packages

Premade powerleveling packs with bundled lvl 30 boost and additional farm after acquiring max lvl for the extra loot. As we find out more about
the game, details will be posted on each offer. Full builds and customizable orders supported, leave in the notes any specifics you have in mind, the end game
package will support most of the popular builds. If you are not sure what build to go for, just leave class name in order notes and we will try to get the best gear possible.

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Derp, merp how can i trust you ?
- Come on guys, you know who we are :D

Where are you from, what location is my booster located in ?
- We work worldwide, our team is mostly US and EU based.

What if something happens to my account such as progress rolled back banned etc ?
- We do not use cheats or any third party software, you can request twitch stream if you think there is any ill behavior on our side. Register on our website to get exclusive access to the My Panel section and get live updates from your personal booster.

Is boosting banable ?
- Gaming companies don't like people using these services but we try to do everything we can to keep you below the radar. Just don't login too often while we work and you should be fine :p

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