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SOLD D3 U.S. Season 2 Wizard Paragon 609 w/ Best Ancient Serpent Sparker and more!

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I am selling a very nice Season 2 Wizard. She is well-geared and probably has one of the best Ancient Serpent Sparkers around. She also has ton of Ancient gear as well and is very ready for Patch 2.2. I also have a Season 2 level 70 Monk w/ a nice Incense Torch of the Grand Temple and is fully geared.

I also have a very nice Witch Doctor(s) on the non season side. They are well-geared also.

Season 2 Paragon 609 Wizard Gear:

Best Ancient Serpent Sparker
Full Firebirds (Mostly Ancient)
Full Tal Rasha (Mostly Anceint)
Full Vrys (Mostly Ancient)
Ancient Cindercoat
Ancient Sunkeeper
Tons and tons of Mats/Gems/Rift Keys
Several Rift Gems level 30+ (Esoteric 42, Molten Gizzard 41, Zei's Stone 40, Bane of Trapped 39, Gem of Efficacious Toxin 39, Wreath of Lightning 34, Bane of Powerful 33, Mirnae 30, Taeguk 29, Gem of Ease 28. Boon of Harder 25.
Most Wands/Staffs are Ancient (Ready for 2.2 Patch).
All Wizard Hats Banked
2 Wand of Wohs
2 Ancient Hexing Pants (Great for WoH build)
Several SoJs, a Witching Hour, and tons and tons of gear on mules.

Paragon 577 Non-Seasonal Witch Doctors:

3x Level 70 Witch Doctors each with the amazing gear
8x Ramaladinis Gifts
Star Metal Kukris
Best on server Mask of Jeram
Best on server Quetz helm
760 Million Gold

I have all required info including full name, full address, CD Key, secret answer, DoB, and Pic ID.

I am asking for $325.00 via Paypal Gift (Family and Friends) or thru MM Player Auctions.

Feel free to ask em any questions.

Not open for further replies.