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Read for yourselves. hehe.

D1s7urb3dF4n: hey
pbfreak111112: heyt
D1s7urb3dF4n: u wtt ur lock?
D1s7urb3dF4n: ..?
pbfreak111112: ya
D1s7urb3dF4n: intrested in a very epic rogue?
D1s7urb3dF4n: ...
D1s7urb3dF4n: [censored]?
D1s7urb3dF4n: lol
pbfreak111112: sorry bro
pbfreak111112: was eating dinner
pbfreak111112: yeah, depends on the gear/race/serv
D1s7urb3dF4n: np
D1s7urb3dF4n: well am 6/8 tier 2 2/9 tier 3
D1s7urb3dF4n: human on arthas
pbfreak111112: swords/dags?
D1s7urb3dF4n: pertision blade and gutgore ripper
pbfreak111112: hmmmm
pbfreak111112: what t2 missing, and what tier 3
pbfreak111112: also, any tier 2.5?
D1s7urb3dF4n: no tier 2.5 but i miss my tier 2 helm and shoulders and i have my tier 3 helm and shoulders
pbfreak111112: ok sweet
pbfreak111112: can I see ingame?
D1s7urb3dF4n: nop am on my laptop atm :-(
pbfreak111112: can you go on your computer?
D1s7urb3dF4n: i wish but am not at home atm
pbfreak111112: can I logon the character screen to see he/she's there?
D1s7urb3dF4n: well..we can just trade here so we can both c our char
pbfreak111112: k fine
D1s7urb3dF4n: how u wanna do this?
pbfreak111112: go first
pbfreak111112: you dont have any markee rep
D1s7urb3dF4n: ...
D1s7urb3dF4n: what about same time?
pbfreak111112: why do I think this is a scam?
D1s7urb3dF4n: bcuz ur tard?
D1s7urb3dF4n: or idk
pbfreak111112: lets get nuka to do it
pbfreak111112: how's that
D1s7urb3dF4n: what?
pbfreak111112: mm for us
D1s7urb3dF4n: ugh
pbfreak111112: dude, I would trust you if I could see in game
pbfreak111112: Ive heard the same laptop story atleast twice the past two days
pbfreak111112: If you dont want a MM go away
D1s7urb3dF4n signed off at 5:10:21 PM.


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Yep, he did exactly the same thing with me, except he offered me a Tauren Shaman. I was a retard and gave him my info, but after he logged off, I recalled my account.

He's a [censored] and a [censored] 8 year old, don't deal with him.