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D1s7urb3dF4n - [censored] Scammer.


BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
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D1s7urb3dF4n: Hey.
aimfortheheadFTW: yo
D1s7urb3dF4n: u wtt ur mage?
aimfortheheadFTW: what u got?
D1s7urb3dF4n: very epic'd hunter
aimfortheheadFTW: whats it got
D1s7urb3dF4n: 3/5 tier 2.5
D1s7urb3dF4n: huhu bow
aimfortheheadFTW: what realm
D1s7urb3dF4n: 4/8 tier 2
D1s7urb3dF4n: arthas(pvp)
aimfortheheadFTW: xfer up?
D1s7urb3dF4n: yes
aimfortheheadFTW: can i see ingame
D1s7urb3dF4n: i wish :-( am on my laptop
D1s7urb3dF4n: but i do have a alakazam profile
aimfortheheadFTW: well why would you bother trading on ur laptop if u cant play wow?
D1s7urb3dF4n: huh?
D1s7urb3dF4n: i can play wow
D1s7urb3dF4n: but not atm
aimfortheheadFTW: so ur saying ur a scammer?
D1s7urb3dF4n: [censored]?
D1s7urb3dF4n: wow ur so tard 10 years olf [censored]
D1s7urb3dF4n: old*
aimfortheheadFTW: then show me ur char ingame if ur not a scammer
aimfortheheadFTW: or let my logon
D1s7urb3dF4n: u wanna log on my account?
D1s7urb3dF4n: ur a scammer or what?
D1s7urb3dF4n: wow
D1s7urb3dF4n: no trade
D1s7urb3dF4n: bay scammer
aimfortheheadFTW: lol
D1s7urb3dF4n: :p
aimfortheheadFTW: man if u cant show ingame and make up some sorry excuse that ur on your laptop your a scammer
D1s7urb3dF4n: lol
D1s7urb3dF4n: i scammed ur mom
aimfortheheadFTW: cool
D1s7urb3dF4n: yeah thats what she said
aimfortheheadFTW: in my pants!
D1s7urb3dF4n: penis u said?
aimfortheheadFTW: suck it i sid
D1s7urb3dF4n: hard?
aimfortheheadFTW: quite


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This guy has multiple aim accounts i beleive someone messaged me for my mage and said i have an epicced hunter. I say can i see ingame hes like /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif i'm on my laptop etc... i ask for a profile he says yeah ill get a link then 5 mins later hes logged off.


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He also said "Are you orginial owner" i said no but i have sq/sa he was like "[censored] you can recall" i said yea and he said nothing much after that.