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CSGO Faceit Account | 2754 Elo | 1.7 k/d | 50 euro NOW


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hello guys, i actually sell an account faceit with 2754 elo for 75 euro, having the orignal email with the following stats:
there is some detail:
Original mail
Steam Level : 0
CSGO Rank: Unranked / No Prime
CSGO Play Hours: 160
FACEIT Member Since: 24 october 2021
Faceit Level: 10: 2754 elo
Faceit Matches: 106
Faceit points: 0
Kd 1.7
Winrate 86%
hs 49%
avg kill: 24
kd last 20game: 1.45
k/r last 20game: 0.89

if you want to negociate, add me on discord: dUNg#0857

Report ip hash: 64cf159b39a99293fb855e