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Nice man you last a whole 24 hours before you opened your mouth again, i'll actually post the log this time so maybe you'll shut up.

Worldguru91 (6:26:47 PM): Dude
Worldguru91 (6:26:52 PM): O heard Nuka caught you
clovian2 (6:26:58 PM): YEa but its all good
clovian2 (6:27:06 PM): He doesnt fully know and he woint post proof
clovian2 (6:27:28 PM): And iff he sees in two weeks that im not a scammer hes gonna apoligise
Worldguru91 (6:27:29 PM): You gotta watch out.
clovian2 (6:27:39 PM): Yea well i dotn scam on clov anywas
Worldguru91 (6:27:47 PM): DUH!
clovian2 (6:28:04 PM): But i still got 11 pos and no neg so it dont matter
Worldguru91 (6:37:06 PM): o_O
Worldguru91 (6:37:32 PM): You still go on Trademe105? Cause I never see it on
clovian2 (6:38:17 PM): Barely
Worldguru91 (6:38:23 PM): WACK!
clovian2 (6:38:27 PM): what>?\
clovian2 (6:38:35 PM): whats whack
clovian2 (6:38:38 PM): wack!
Worldguru91 (6:38:38 PM): He was like the funny thing on markee
clovian2 (6:38:42 PM): Haha
clovian2 (6:38:44 PM): Yea
clovian2 (6:38:45 PM): I know
Worldguru91 (6:38:45 PM): There was like 40+ Post on him
clovian2 (6:38:55 PM): Hehe but no one falls for it
clovian2 (6:39:02 PM): I made two more names but havent used them
clovian2 (6:39:05 PM): Twistedmarkee
clovian2 (6:39:06 PM): And
Worldguru91 (6:39:14 PM): Your the Eternalddarknes?
clovian2 (6:39:15 PM): Eternaldarknessmd
clovian2 (6:39:20 PM): YEa lol
Worldguru91 (6:39:24 PM): HAHAHAHAHHA
clovian2 (6:39:25 PM): Who else?
clovian2 (6:39:31 PM): Heh its all me
Worldguru91 (6:39:35 PM): thats all I saw
clovian2 (6:39:48 PM): Yea well there will be more
clovian2 (6:39:52 PM): From twistedmarkee
clovian2 (6:39:59 PM): And eternaldarkness
Worldguru91 (6:40:06 PM): Haha..probly trademe105 the most awesome guy of all time.

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Worldguru91 (6:40:30 PM): Wurd, especially because I heard that Clovions is Trademe105.

I don't even care though, "Trademe105" clearly talks like he's got a mental illness so it's not too hard to spot him...
clovian2 (6:40:38 PM): Lol yea
clovian2 (6:40:40 PM): I saw
clovian2 (6:40:45 PM): But i [censored] him up
clovian2 (6:40:59 PM): Me and my friend froze his comp
Worldguru91 (6:41:18 PM): How?
clovian2 (6:41:48 PM): We just did
clovian2 (6:41:53 PM): Thats all
Worldguru91 (6:42:01 PM): o_O
clovian2 (6:42:01 PM): anywaya
Worldguru91 (6:42:06 PM): I wanna know how to do that
clovian2 (6:42:16 PM): Heh dont ask me
clovian2 (6:42:22 PM): And i wont tel u who it is anyways
clovian2 (6:42:24 PM): who did it
clovian2 (6:42:31 PM): He'll get so pissed at me
clovian2 (6:42:41 PM): But yea..i think eternal would work
clovian2 (6:42:45 PM): I use viroblade sometimes
clovian2 (6:42:51 PM): Even tho that amrkee account is banned
Worldguru91 (6:42:57 PM): Owned
clovian2 (6:42:57 PM): still has 5 pos\
Worldguru91 (6:42:57 PM): Clovions all of your feedback was added within such a short timeframe it's pretty clear that you're not actually legit, i don't care i don't even trade anymore, but you must think everyone on this site is stupid since it's so blatently obvious to see that you're jus a scammer
clovian2 (6:43:05 PM): Yea i know
clovian2 (6:43:13 PM): I dont really see how that makes me a scammer
clovian2 (6:43:20 PM): It just means my friends leave feedback
clovian2 (6:43:31 PM): but heh w/e
clovian2 (6:43:35 PM): Nuka can suck my dic
clovian2 (6:43:50 PM): Ive had a personal hate towards him ever since viroblade got banned
clovian2 (6:43:56 PM): Ill get him one day
clovian2 (6:44:11 PM): anyways im gonna go back on wow so talk to u soon
Worldguru91 (6:44:22 PM): K
Worldguru91 (6:44:24 PM): Later
Worldguru91 (6:47:10 PM): Let me ask this, Why does DIEMAN ALWAYS give you a Positive?
clovian2 (6:48:38 PM): cause dieman is my friend...
clovian2 (6:48:39 PM): lol
Worldguru91 (6:48:57 PM): lol, He got pissed when Nuka found out he was Trademes friend
clovian2 (6:49:07 PM): Wheres it say that?
clovian2 (6:49:11 PM): Link!
clovian2 (6:49:14 PM): lol
clovian2 (6:49:16 PM): Or tell me
Worldguru91 (6:49:37 PM): Cant find It, I'll get it again soon Nuka or stev might have deleted it since it had ALOTof cussing
clovian2 (6:49:47 PM): was it on the same thread?
Worldguru91 (6:50:04 PM): Nope
clovian2 (6:50:11 PM): did he make his own thread>
clovian2 (6:50:25 PM): Cause like..\
clovian2 (6:50:29 PM): I want to see that
clovian2 (6:50:42 PM): but hey *** wow laggy [censored] with aim ope
clovian2 (6:50:45 PM): open*
Worldguru91 (6:50:46 PM): I'll ask Nuka
clovian2 (6:50:49 PM): No!
Worldguru91 (6:50:53 PM): ?
clovian2 (6:50:55 PM): DOnt say anything to nuka bout me
clovian2 (6:50:59 PM): Im laying low
Worldguru91 (6:51:01 PM): Ok

At least you win the award for being the dumbest person on this forum. As I told you last time, people don't like you, ,they arn't going to keep any trust you hold in them to not say anything to me.

I just think it's crazy how even after you and your brother or whoever that guy was were like begging me to not post about you being a scammer, so I give you the time of day and say I won't for 2 weeks if I don't hear anything about you being a scammer... looks like you couldn't wait that long?