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Clovions Is A Scammer!


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ViroSyphon: hey
ViroSyphon: Still looking for a 60 UD rogue?
ViroSyphon: I have one with epics
gliderino: do u want to trade or sell?
ViroSyphon: Looking for a trade
ViroSyphon: I dont have paypal
gliderino: Did u want the EU account with a 60 pally and 60 lock?
ViroSyphon signed off at 3:34:55 PM.
ViroSyphon signed on at 3:35:07 PM.
ViroSyphon: Sorry booted me what?
gliderino: Did u want the EU account with a 60 pally and 60 lock?
ViroSyphon: Do u have a US account =/?
ViroSyphon: Or only EU
gliderino: Only EU sorry its worth 250 though
ViroSyphon: ?
ViroSyphon: Oh well
ViroSyphon: Anyway to make it so i can play EU?
gliderino: Ok its easy
ViroSyphon: Oh cool
ViroSyphon: Wait 1 sec
ViroSyphon: I have a few questions
gliderino: Fire
ViroSyphon: pally or lock have any good gear?
ViroSyphon: ?
gliderino: mostly blues t.05/1
ViroSyphon: thats cool
ViroSyphon: And can u transfer off EU to us or no?
gliderino: I dont think so
gliderino: Feature is disabled im sure.
ViroSyphon: How do i make an EU account?
gliderino: its simple
gliderino: do u want to trade?
ViroSyphon: ok tell me how to set up to make it EU
ViroSyphon: Yes i do
gliderino: www.wow-europe.com/account
gliderino: go to your wow folder
ViroSyphon: Ok wait
ViroSyphon: 1 sec
gliderino: and youll see a thing called 'realmlist'
gliderino: simply open it in notepad and change the us.worldofwarcraft etc to 'eu'
ViroSyphon: my wow folder..k lemme find irt
gliderino: kk
ViroSyphon: Kno where it would be?
gliderino: set realmlist us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com ~ change it to set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
gliderino: C:\Program Files\WoW maybe?
gliderino: btw what server and race is your character
gliderino: what server*
ViroSyphon: Frostmane UD

gliderino: kk
gliderino: so u changed it
ViroSyphon: No i cant find my wow folder
gliderino: Can I tell u after the trade?
gliderino: Just go to Search and search for WoW or World Of
ViroSyphon: kk
gliderino: btw do u have username/pw?
gliderino: i mean sq/a
ViroSyphon: Do you>?
gliderino: yes
ViroSyphon: Cause i have it
gliderino: I dont mind if u dont
gliderino: kk
ViroSyphon: But can we play rhe chars wihtout it first?
ViroSyphon: I wont use urs either
gliderino: yes
gliderino: do u have time on your character?\
ViroSyphon: Yep
gliderino: kk so my details are
ViroSyphon: Wait
ViroSyphon: Not yet
ViroSyphon: I still havent done this
gliderino: Why?
ViroSyphon: Im trying to find the right onw
ViroSyphon: one*
gliderino: its easy lol
ViroSyphon: There are so many things that come up when i search for world of wacraft
gliderino: search for 'realmlist'
gliderino: and then when u find it open it in notepad
ViroSyphon: Ok
gliderino: why cant we trade first i gtg work in like 15mins
ViroSyphon: Because i want to be able to login..lol
gliderino: its simple to do; changing from eu to us
gliderino: u can lol
gliderino: i told u?
ViroSyphon: I seriously cnat find it wait up
gliderino: Quickly lol
ViroSyphon: Its searching..
ViroSyphon: im finding a folder calle
ViroSyphon: d
ViroSyphon: realmlist.[censored] but it wont let me open
gliderino: right click
gliderino: and go to open with notepad
gliderino: right click > open with > and find notepad
ViroSyphon: got it
ViroSyphon: Now save?
gliderino: did u change it to eu?
ViroSyphon: ...?
ViroSyphon: yes
gliderino: and yes save
gliderino: ok
ViroSyphon: beta.eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
gliderino: not the beta
gliderino: just eu
ViroSyphon: ..
ViroSyphon: Beta already there
gliderino: set realmlist us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
gliderino: it should be?
gliderino: ok if its beta just leave it
gliderino: set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com

gliderino: ok my details are
ViroSyphon: ok did now what?
gliderino: save
ViroSyphon: Wait i just log on?
gliderino: yes
gliderino: just open wow
gliderino: and your in
ViroSyphon: Lemme see if it worked
gliderino: try loggin onto your acc
ViroSyphon: I am
gliderino: it wont work because u dont have a EU one :p
gliderino: my details:
gliderino: username: myusername / pw: mypw
gliderino: yours?
ViroSyphon: Can i see if it works?
gliderino: sure
gliderino: dont be too long
gliderino: cause i need to go
ViroSyphon: U minimise my screen when u typ
ViroSyphon: e
ViroSyphon: umm..
ViroSyphon: The info doesnt seem to work..
ViroSyphon: Did i not do the EU thing right or is it wrng?

gliderino: is the eu thing
gliderino: set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
ViroSyphon: k..
gliderino: can we just exchange usernames/pw so I can check your acc man
ViroSyphon: Mna i want to make sure it works [censored]
gliderino: www.wow-europe.com/account
gliderino: try logging in there
ViroSyphon: Im just gonna set it to what said
gliderino: Just hurry man I really need to go
ViroSyphon: Ok ill do it on the site then..
gliderino: Thanks.
gliderino: Can I have your details?
ViroSyphon: When i see if it works...
gliderino: Oh come on.
ViroSyphon: Dude i need to check jeez
gliderino: elcome‚ themadworm. Should you have any questions regarding your account‚ please contact our Account and Billing team via www.wow-europe.com/en/support/
ViroSyphon: Yes im logging on
gliderino: Sorry if im rushing you im just need to get going :p
gliderino: All fine?
ViroSyphon: Yes ur making me nervous
ViroSyphon: Its logging onto the site
ViroSyphon: But i really need to knwo how to change it to EU
ViroSyphon: Can u tell me what to save it under when im done?
gliderino: just save it as what it is?
ViroSyphon: ok
gliderino: realmlist.[censored]
ViroSyphon: Server?
gliderino: what do u mean
ViroSyphon: Wow they dont even have char transfer for EU
ViroSyphon: What server is the char on
gliderino: Al'Akir and Antheron
gliderino: now can I check your account?
ViroSyphon: ok
ViroSyphon: checking it
gliderino: quickly 6mins ~_`
ViroSyphon: Plenty of time
gliderino: Please man. just details me
ViroSyphon: man [censored] i still cant log in
gliderino: what do u mean
gliderino: did u logon to the site?
ViroSyphon: To the gamre
ViroSyphon: Yes
ViroSyphon: Cant login to the game tho
gliderino: set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
ViroSyphon: I need that to work
gliderino: make sure that is the ONLY thing in there
ViroSyphon: Copy exaclty me to say
gliderino: Dude can I have your details and we can go through this
gliderino: set realmlist us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
gliderino: that is it ^!
gliderino: copy and paste that
gliderino: and save it under the name it is
ViroSyphon: kk
gliderino: now can I have your details
gliderino: since U changed mine
gliderino: ViroSyphon...
gliderino: Excuse me...
ViroSyphon: What
ViroSyphon: I need to be able to get the EU thing to work
gliderino: You have changed my details.
ViroSyphon: I saved it and all
ViroSyphon: Yes because we are trading arent we?

gliderino: Yes
gliderino: But I dont have your details
gliderino: I will help you once I can check your account
ViroSyphon: Well because i cant log on
ViroSyphon: So this is [censored]
ViroSyphon: I copy and pasted
gliderino: [censored] GIVE ME BACK MY ACCOUNT
ViroSyphon: And saved as set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com under
ViroSyphon: realmlist.[censored]
ViroSyphon: Dude im giving u mine..
ViroSyphon: I need ur help first
gliderino: Fine what are the details
gliderino: No I need your account
gliderino: I want to check it
ViroSyphon: No i need ur help
gliderino: U AHVE MY [censored] ACCOUNT MAN
ViroSyphon: Yea but it doesnt work..
gliderino wants to send file C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\realmlist.[censored].
gliderino: put that in your damn wow folder
gliderino: and give me your details now
ViroSyphon: Hack me?

gliderino: its the realmlist.[censored] u tool
gliderino: gliderino wants to send file C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\realmlist.[censored].
ViroSyphon: Calling me a tool..
ViroSyphon received C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\realmlist.[censored].
gliderino: U HAVE MY ACCOUNT
ViroSyphon: Ok im doing it
gliderino: Now give me your details
ViroSyphon: says set realmlist us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
gliderino: change the [censored] thing to 'eu'
ViroSyphon: Do i change that to EU?

gliderino: YES
gliderino: then open wow
gliderino: and it will work
gliderino: now details me
ViroSyphon: umm
ViroSyphon: hows about
ViroSyphon: U tell me how to do this righ
gliderino: I have man
ViroSyphon: And not scam me
gliderino: Far out
gliderino: How have I scammed u
gliderino: U have my account and youve changed the pw?
ViroSyphon: cause ur rushing me
gliderino: DUDE
ViroSyphon: And not letting me get one
ViroSyphon: on*
ViroSyphon: You know what
gliderino: Either give me your details or Im going to do the SQ/A get my account back and report you on MarkeeDragon
ViroSyphon: [censored] this
gliderino: Give me my password!
ViroSyphon signed off at 4:03:31 PM.

Ok then he tries to trade my account on the Euro forums!


Want to trade pally and warlock for an alli warrior. this si on a EU account. Would like to trade for a US account but i will take EU account. AIM: Virosyphon. Looking for xferabel cahrs only.

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