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Chevyzazimiz proven scammer---


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chevyzazimiz: lol
Chojirobanshee1: yah i dont like those big back taurens
Chojirobanshee1: they cool but damn
Chojirobanshee1: it seems like they walk slow
Chojirobanshee1: but they arent
Chojirobanshee1: i hate that
chevyzazimiz: i know
chevyzazimiz: !
chevyzazimiz: omfg dude lol
chevyzazimiz: thats why i cant play taurens
chevyzazimiz: lol
Chojirobanshee1: lol
Chojirobanshee1: so big
Chojirobanshee1: and i wanna see my damn boots
Chojirobanshee1: i dont wanna see a damn fat ass camel toe
chevyzazimiz: lmfao
Chojirobanshee1: they wear boots like anklets
Chojirobanshee1: i dont like that
chevyzazimiz: i know
chevyzazimiz: aight if u wanna do like a trial or somthin thats chill do.. just to see if you like my warrior
Chojirobanshee1: Thats cool, but I dont have SQ/A for this for i bought this account from a friend and didnt think to get it =/
chevyzazimiz: its not a problem, just if its form a friend
chevyzazimiz: id say its safe?
Chojirobanshee1: yeah its safe especially if u have ur sq/a
Chojirobanshee1: lol
chevyzazimiz: yeah lol
chevyzazimiz: okay well how bout just do it like this
chevyzazimiz: my account name
chevyzazimiz: ur account password (not name)
chevyzazimiz: my password
chevyzazimiz: then ur accnt name
Chojirobanshee1: do u have sq/a?
chevyzazimiz: aye
chevyzazimiz: if it turns out to be a safe account, ill hook u up with it, just as long as it doesnt get taken back out of no where
chevyzazimiz: know what i mean
Chojirobanshee1: yah it wont get taken ive had it for 2 months
chevyzazimiz: ahh i see
Chojirobanshee1: if it does u can re-call urs
chevyzazimiz: well thats all good then
chevyzazimiz: so if u wanna work that out ill go ahead and start off with my account name
Chojirobanshee1: wait
Chojirobanshee1: umm
Chojirobanshee1: worldofwarcraft i cant log in
chevyzazimiz: sorry?
Chojirobanshee1: naw its the wow
Chojirobanshee1: they fixing it
Chojirobanshee1: or sum stuff
chevyzazimiz: ahh
Chojirobanshee1: o wait
chevyzazimiz: me too as well
chevyzazimiz: lol
Chojirobanshee1: i am in
chevyzazimiz: says try agian later
Chojirobanshee1: i tried again for 30 minutes im in
Chojirobanshee1: im scared of gettin scammed sobad
chevyzazimiz: i think im getting in
Chojirobanshee1: because if i lose this acct then i have nothing
chevyzazimiz: im going for moderator of markee lol
chevyzazimiz: err one of the moderator spots that is lol
Chojirobanshee1: Alright
chevyzazimiz: okay so
chevyzazimiz: muler, is the account name
chevyzazimiz: oo warriors name is Tenits btw
chevyzazimiz: its a pretty good name
Chojirobanshee1: lol
chevyzazimiz: heh
Chojirobanshee1: mine is blahst
chevyzazimiz: nice
Chojirobanshee1: pass: hp11brio
chevyzazimiz: oh also how much time
chevyzazimiz: on ur account?
Chojirobanshee1: till the 30th
Chojirobanshee1: man last time a guy took this long to tell me his pass after he asked me for his pass first, he knew the orc rogues acct name and changed it...
chevyzazimiz: april 14th
Chojirobanshee1: im the 30th
Chojirobanshee1: so.. what u doing?
chevyzazimiz: doesnt recognize ur account name lol
Chojirobanshee1: i never gave u the acct name
Chojirobanshee1: i just gave u my pass
chevyzazimiz: ?
Chojirobanshee1: thats what u asked for
chevyzazimiz: what lol 1 sec
Chojirobanshee1: u said ur acct name my pass ur pass and my acct name
chevyzazimiz: ohh my fault lol ment accnt name/ accnt name /pass/pass
chevyzazimiz: that was dumb
chevyzazimiz: ok so muler
Chojirobanshee1: dang u knew the acct name
Chojirobanshee1: thats why you took so long
chevyzazimiz: ?
chevyzazimiz: accnt name to what
Chojirobanshee1: my acct..
chevyzazimiz: the one u gave me didnt work
Chojirobanshee1: i never gave it to u
Chojirobanshee1: u asked for my pass first
chevyzazimiz: i ment accnt name lol
Chojirobanshee1: no u didnt
Chojirobanshee1: cause when i gave u the pass u stalled for ever
Chojirobanshee1: and i know it didnt get recalled because im talking to my friend right now
chevyzazimiz: i checked how much time left on my war
chevyzazimiz: lol
Chojirobanshee1: hes riight here
Chojirobanshee1: lol
chevyzazimiz: whos?
chevyzazimiz: lol
Chojirobanshee1: my friend is right here who owns the acct
chevyzazimiz: ahh
chevyzazimiz: so whats the problem lol
Chojirobanshee1: hes on aim
Chojirobanshee1: he said u knew the acct name
Chojirobanshee1: its cool i get scammed all the time
chevyzazimiz: who is this?
chevyzazimiz: the guy
Chojirobanshee1: CoreyR09
Chojirobanshee1: is his aim
Chojirobanshee1: to bad u scammed me
chevyzazimiz: hes not on my list
chevyzazimiz: i dont think i know him
Chojirobanshee1: i just need to ask this
Chojirobanshee1: why did u do this?
chevyzazimiz: what are you doing lol
Chojirobanshee1: im not doing anything i just cant log into my acct after giving u my pass to the orc rogue
Chojirobanshee1: i know that you trade alot
[censored] sake.
Chojirobanshee1: and there arent many orc rogue accts
Chojirobanshee1: well im just saying
Chojirobanshee1: why all of a sudden i cant log in right after i give u the pass
Chojirobanshee1: and u pause
Chojirobanshee1: *sigh* i get scammed so much im tired
chevyzazimiz: was checking how much account time i have left
Chojirobanshee1: u scammed me bro its cool

As you can see he changed it up on me. this isnt the first time he has done this to me ... first time he gave it back i guess he was feeling good... but this time he just stole it... here is proof that he has done it before

chevyzazimiz: lol okay.. good luck with that theory.. if ur intrested in trading me him and not messing around.. hit me up
Chojirobanshee1: no thx man
Chojirobanshee1: i know you changed it.
chevyzazimiz: nah, not intrested in scams. i dont know what ur trying to do lol peace out.
Chojirobanshee1: u specifically told me my acct password (not name)
Chojirobanshee1: how can u forget
Chojirobanshee1: that u said not name but password lol
Chojirobanshee1: lol
Chojirobanshee1: funny u are
Chojirobanshee1: well hes gonna recall it so have fun =/
Chojirobanshee1: with the negative feedback and full proof u scammed me
Chojirobanshee1: because im talking to Corey
Chojirobanshee1: and he knows u know the acct name lol
chevyzazimiz: okay.. lol
Chojirobanshee1: ill link u the post
chevyzazimiz: w.e u say dude lol
chevyzazimiz: kk
Chojirobanshee1: btw im gonna tell you how i know u did it
Chojirobanshee1: remem,ber when i said a guy
Chojirobanshee1: did it to me b4
Chojirobanshee1: well im sublife the guiy u did do it to b4
Chojirobanshee1: the gnome rogue lol?
Chojirobanshee1: u gaver it back though
Chojirobanshee1: lol
chevyzazimiz: oh yeah i remember that lol
Chojirobanshee1: i knew u were gonna do it again
Chojirobanshee1: i have that log
Chojirobanshee1: as well.
Chojirobanshee1: so u know
Chojirobanshee1: u know how to do it
chevyzazimiz: yeah i got [censored] out of both those accounts so i just take them back
chevyzazimiz: i always bounce back form getting scammed
Chojirobanshee1: ahh so u did take the rogue
Chojirobanshee1: but i didnt scam ur rogue
chevyzazimiz: the gnome rogue?
chevyzazimiz: ya i took that lol
Chojirobanshee1: no my orc rogue
Chojirobanshee1: so u did take the gnome rogue lol
Chojirobanshee1: i didnt scam it u took it froma legit person u know that?
chevyzazimiz: nono
chevyzazimiz: that one time
chevyzazimiz: that i took it from u and gave it back
chevyzazimiz: is what i ment lol

As you can see knew my accountn ame before hand thats why he asked for my pass first.. please be weary he is a scammer do not trust this guy..


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Funny thing is your a scammer too.. so yea this guy after he got his rouge jacked he recalled is account. /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif