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Chevyz, AIM-chevyzazimiz: Very Fishy!


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chevyzazimiz: anything for trade?
Mervin Man: 60 mage
chevyzazimiz: what server?
Mervin Man: bloodscalp
Mervin Man: what do you have?
chevyzazimiz: hunter
chevyzazimiz: gurubashi
Mervin Man: gear
chevyzazimiz: 5/8 GS 1/8 DS hunter bow/staff/quiver
Mervin Man: I have netherwind helm Arc pants bracer epic wand robe of volitale power
chevyzazimiz: pretty nice
Mervin Man: ya
chevyzazimiz: original owner right?
Mervin Man: ya
Mervin Man: u?
chevyzazimiz: yep
Mervin Man: guilded?
chevyzazimiz: yeah
chevyzazimiz: mc/ony/bwl
Mervin Man: i was a freelancer
Mervin Man: but you can get into a guidl really easly
Mervin Man: is your hunter on pvp server?
chevyzazimiz: yeah
Mervin Man: epic mount
chevyzazimiz: 2
Mervin Man: lol i just have one
chevyzazimiz: lol
Mervin Man: ally or horde?
chevyzazimiz: ally
Mervin Man: NE?
chevyzazimiz: yea
Mervin Man: im human
Mervin Man: are you on Markee dragon?
chevyzazimiz: yea
Mervin Man: whats your name
chevyzazimiz: chevyz
Mervin Man: why are you trading hunter?
chevyzazimiz: i dunno lol like to trade
Mervin Man: you have SAQ?
chevyzazimiz: yea
Mervin Man: can we talk on the phone?
chevyzazimiz: sure lol
Mervin Man: you can call me
chevyzazimiz: #?
chevyzazimiz: k
Mervin Man: calling?
Mervin Man: u there man?
Mervin Man: are you dead?
Mervin Man: ok... well dont know what is going on
Mervin Man: ok well i guess you didnt want to trade
Mervin Man: dont know why you just left me hanging
Mervin Man: did you steal my phone number
Mervin Man: hello are you there?
Mervin Man: are you going to call or not
are you there?
Mervin Man: i know your there my friend is darknes evrlstng he is telling me you are responding to him
Mervin Man: well im posting on the forums that this was fishy and people to beware
chevyzazimiz: ok u do that lol
Mervin Man: well why such a long pause?
Mervin Man: makes you look like a scammer
chevyzazimiz: lol?
chevyzazimiz: k ill stop watching olympics
Mervin Man: i mean if your not interested just say so
chevyzazimiz: this is way more important'
Mervin Man: but you reply to other people is what i dont get
Mervin Man: if you are not intersted say something just dont leave someone hanging
chevyzazimiz: ur annoying me i was downstairs.. trying to get my gma to let me use phone
chevyzazimiz: hurry dude post this on the forums
Mervin Man: im not gonna post you
Mervin Man: dont want to ruin your rep
Mervin Man: thats not what i am trying to do
chevyzazimiz: u couldnt ruin it.. lol
Mervin Man: so i guess your not interested anymore
chevyzazimiz: do u have 5+ positive feedback on markee?
Mervin Man: you think i am a scammer?
chevyzazimiz: no..
Mervin Man: than why bring up if i have 5+ feedbacks
chevyzazimiz: cuz i like to trade with peoplke who do.. dont have to get defenseive
Mervin Man: im not getting defensive
Mervin Man: i have done many trades on MD
chevyzazimiz: aight ima go to bed.. this isnt getting anywhere and i have class tommorow at 10 so post this on markee or whatever floats ur boat lol peace
Mervin Man: lol
Mervin Man: can i ask you something
Mervin Man: if your wernt going to trade with me than why did you message me? about if i had anything to trade

Hey never called.. nor answer my messages. So I thought to get on another Screen name

RaisingTheBar09 (10:41:34 PM): hey have anything to trade?
RaisingTheBar09 (10:42:38 PM): are you there?
RaisingTheBar09 (10:43:33 PM): hello?
chevyzazimiz (10:47:49 PM): dpends
RaisingTheBar09 returned at 10:47:50 PM.
chevyzazimiz (10:47:52 PM): what u have
RaisingTheBar09 (10:48:09 PM): 60 warlock
RaisingTheBar09 (10:48:25 PM): 8/8 nem
RaisingTheBar09 (10:48:44 PM): what do you have?
chevyzazimiz (10:49:04 PM): are you able to show that char in game?
RaisingTheBar09 (10:49:17 PM): ya
RaisingTheBar09 (10:49:20 PM): what are you trading
chevyzazimiz (10:49:29 PM): 60 warrior 6/8 wrath
chevyzazimiz (10:49:35 PM): drake talon cleaver
RaisingTheBar09 (10:49:40 PM): anything else?
chevyzazimiz (10:50:07 PM): deathbringer
chevyzazimiz (10:50:16 PM): elementium threaded cloak
chevyzazimiz (10:50:24 PM): full might..
RaisingTheBar09 (10:50:25 PM): do you have any other than the warrior
chevyzazimiz (10:50:29 PM): no
RaisingTheBar09 (10:50:39 PM): you [censored] scammer
chevyzazimiz (10:50:44 PM): LOL
RaisingTheBar09 (10:50:53 PM): posting apt on MD
chevyzazimiz (10:50:59 PM): says the guy offering nem warlock
chevyzazimiz (10:51:01 PM): he doesnt have
chevyzazimiz signed off at 10:51:05 PM.

Look at his ratings, See how the same people keep giving each other good remarks, Just be careful. I thought it was funny that a Chevyz messaged me about my mage, than when I asked to talk on the phone he kinda just went afk.


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hes contacted me twice himself.
Once asking about my warrior showed him in game and he just logged off midway i mean if he wanst interested at least say your not intersted... 2nd time offering me a gamecard for a epic'd account lol yah... thats gonna happen
not a scammer from what ived read but defently needs to work on his communication skills.