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Selling Cheap In-Game Top Up Services!🔥Fast & Trusted Delivery

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Grow and Compete with Cheap Top Up Services for your Favorite Mobile Game!
Example: Genshin Impact


8080 Genesis Crystals - $70
3880 Genesis Crystals - $37
2240 Genesis Crystals - $26

(Ask for smaller bundles or for bulk order pricing)

Up Games you might enjoy & play (click below):
Arknights 👉Pokémon GO
👉Diablo Immortals 👉Pokémon Masters
👉Grand Summoners 👉Clash of Clans
👉Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius 👉Evertale
👉Punishing Gray Raven 👉Brawl Stars
👉One Piece Treasure Cruise 👉Exos Heroes
👉Idle Heroes 👉Honkai Impact 3
👉Genshin Impact
👉One Piece Bounty Rush


Add me!
Discord: Dev#1048
Line ID: xldevour Name: xlDev

or message me here on EpicNpc

I host many giveaways and raffles for my community, come and join!!

Payments through PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp, Western Union, Wise, Skrill & Crypto

Why buy from me over others?
I have been doing this for over 6 years and have had ZERO accounts banned! Trusted, timely & professional!

Process is quick and you will need your account linked to a google+ account, game account, or a facebook account (a secondary account is best to avoid security checks). Logins are confidential and will NOT be shared with anyone! All legit and no risk to your account.
Disclaimers: All sales are final. Also, payment must be done first before completion of order. A screenshot of the payment must be sent as well - for each order placed. Delivery time 1-5 minutes after payment is completed, unless unavailable due to personal situations.
Will provide vouchers for my services so don't hesitate to ask!

Don't forget to leave feedback, will be much appreciated.

Terms of Service:
1. Top Up is done by hand.
2. Loading is done through regional currency difference.
3. If account is banned for the purchases made by me, then there will be a refund for purchases completed through my services.
4. Sharing game account is against most game's ToS, which may result in a ban. However, this has never happened using my services.
5. All transactions are made legally through the in-game store.
6. User account will be accessed from the USA.
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